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PostSubject: [suggestion]combines   Sat Feb 22, 2014 2:04 am

why im writing this is because hunting combines is one of the reason why we are enjoying the server

we have combine strike but its too rare and not enough

more combines will make the game fun and challenges
so ill start writing

first thing
this is what i already said to you for long ago

combines starts scout the wasteland
random time randomly spawns combine scout

and second thing

operation - exterminate

sending some strange words(combine radio massage) and recon heli starts flying around(this heli does not attack anything). when it finished recon, some dropships above and drops the large combine army(just spawn when dropship landed) and they walking around whole map

third thing

before this, if combine striking happens more often will be good for it

second strike
happens very rarely

after combine strike they send more combines to investigate the situation

spawns more combines

fourth thing

final strike

happens extremly rarely
after second strike they send elite squad to annihilate the area

spawns more elite combines

ps.if combines drop more medkit and ammos and drop more weapon it will be good(i dont care if that weapon is pistol)[and some gunpowders]


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