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 [Bizzclaw] Unban of HITCHEE / (Lesnitsky "Lester" Ottyabrskin)

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PostSubject: [Bizzclaw] Unban of HITCHEE / (Lesnitsky "Lester" Ottyabrskin)   Sat May 24, 2014 11:05 pm

SERVER: Frostburnt Foundation PostNukeRP Enhanced

STEAM ID:  STEAM_0:0:68446874

DATE OF INCIDENT: Around april 21st, 2014

TIME OF INCIDENT: sometime late at night

TIME ZONE: (UTC-05:00) Eastern Time (US & Canada)

WHAT EXACTLY HAPPENED: I got banned for exploiting the duping process. i do believe that i got permad, but was told that i had a small chance to get unbanned on May the 21st. I also do believe that i got banned by James AKA Bizzclaw.

Well, you guys did check the logs, so therefore you had solid proof that i was duping. I will admit, i did dupe. it was introduced to me by Darric AKA Killo, and i did not know that it was against the rules. i read the rules of the server in game and it said nothing about a dupe exploit. I just thought that it was a cheap way of gaining resources. I didnt think that i would have gotten permad because of it. i didnt even recieve a warning for it either. I have seen firsthand that the admins in this server are quite lenient, ask chickenbone. he stole alot of gear from me without calling raid, got banned, then unbanned instantly to recieve my stolen gear, and never even got it returned to me in the first place.
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PostSubject: Re: [Bizzclaw] Unban of HITCHEE / (Lesnitsky "Lester" Ottyabrskin)   Sun May 25, 2014 3:28 pm

You missed the common sense rule.
"This should go without saying, but if something seems like an exploit or you would expect it to be against the rules, feel free to address it with an admin. Exploiting it without doing so may result in temporary, or maybe even permanant removal from the server."
I don't want idiots like you on my server who care nothing for the work I put into the game to ruin it for us and every other player. You are never being unbanned. Ever.
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[Bizzclaw] Unban of HITCHEE / (Lesnitsky "Lester" Ottyabrskin)
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