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 [Declined]Removal of Ban (killorama)

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PostSubject: [Declined]Removal of Ban (killorama)   Sat Jun 21, 2014 3:11 pm

Server: Frostburnt Foundation PostNukeRP Enhanced
Your SteamID: STEAM_0:0:22736661
Your RP Name: Daric Brouve
(Only required for PostnukeRP)

Date of incident:4/30/15
Time of incident (HH:MM 24hr): About a Month and 21 days ago
Time Zone:(UTC) Dublin, Edinburgh, Lisbon, London

Please explain exactly what happened from start to finish: It started back about a month and 21 days ago i was banned like many other unfortunate members who came across the duplication glitch,
As many of you who can remember once bizzclaw found out that people were duping to become more successful in the server,
I cant lie i did this glitch many times even maybe more,
But Bizzclaw he made me a promise, If i were to give the names of the people who i knew were duping my punishment wouldn't have been harsh like the rest of the others,
i was sentenced a full month away from the server and then i waited,
after awhile i started to ask bizzclaw questions they may have been annoying but i was always so curious on other matters and after awhile Bizzclaw started to ignore me,
Then it hit me i did not know the correct date of my banning so i asked him no response,
I thought at the very least he would respond on this agenda,
so i asked around the community and General Bacon was able to help me find the date,
So then i waited even more still keeping in touch with my friends that kept true to me after my banning,
So the day finally arrived i was filled with excitement to be able to play with my friends once more on such a great server,
But when i went to ask Bizzclaw for my Pardon there was a starting of a response but then nothing,
I waited and waited for a response and still to this day i wait and still there is no response from my old friend
but your probably wondering why do i return now and didnt do this post ages ago,
The First and obvious i couldn't bring myself to do so and i had exams i just recently finished and all is well and now all i want to do is return to the server and play with my friends once more, I did Contact Bizzclaw earlier on the forums presuming he wont respond on steam but i realized it would not help my efforts to play with my friends once more
I have apologized many a time before but still i am truly sorry for braking my trust with the server and i hope you all can forgive me
That is all.

If you have any evidence to support this report, please give it here: If i could Go back to the chat i had with Bizzclaw over steam i would so i could acquire the evidence but other than that the only Evidence i have is people to back my claim that would be
Antwon, General Bacon, Wiktor(Manwhore) if this cannot help i am sorry for the Inconvenience
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[Declined]Removal of Ban (killorama)
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