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PostSubject: ANIMAL PACS   Mon Aug 04, 2014 10:40 pm

I was recently shot on sight for being a lizard., and I was told no non-human PACS were allowed. I believe people should be allowed to be animals through PAC. But of course we have people who wish to abuse this feature and would probably make themselves giant space elephants. So I propose that we we only let certain people be allowed throught the use of applications. I know this is kind of stupid but I thought i should post my opinion
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PostSubject: Re: ANIMAL PACS   Tue Aug 05, 2014 7:22 am

That's it.

   function pac.SetPlayerModel(ply, model)
      if ClockWork then return end -- Clockwork fix
      model = player_manager.AllValidModels()[model] or model
      if not util.IsValidModel(model) then
         model = player_manager.TranslatePlayerModel(ply:GetInfo("cl_playermodel"))
      if not ply:IsAdmin() and not string.find( model, "humans/group" ) then
         ply:ChatPrint("You can only make your model citizen models.")
      ply.pac_last_modifier_model = model:lower()
Look what you made me do.

Now no one can be non human models unless they're an admin. Pac won't let you.
I've already given my reasons why this is not acceptable. I shouldn't have t continuously do it and I'm tired of yelling at people about it.
So now you physically can't.
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