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PostSubject: Whiteclaw    Wed Aug 13, 2014 5:49 pm

I decided to do a post about what my faction is about and what we do (or well what I strive to have my faction do) and why I just won't accept people at random.

Whiteclaw is a faction designed to be the good guys, the helpers, the heroines and so on so forth. We do our best to help those in need, give donations, and sacrifice our lives to help others and create peace. We do not tolerate complete assholes, bullies, and even though we are peaceful we aren't hesitant to gun down people if needed be.

I am Whiteclaw, I am a hero, I am a white knight. I am here to help wherever and whenever it's needed. I am to protect and to care for anyone in need. As long as there is evil, I will fight till I am to dust. I am always to reside, by the Whiteclaw side. (It's been modified for those of you who have heard the original so it can be shorter.)

Whiteclaw History:
Whiteclaw faction has been started up on many servers by me and my friend named Luna. It all started on Zombie RP when decided to settle and make a faction. Seeing how the server was rampant with bandits, thieves, and just blunt assholes, we decided to make it our duty to stop them. We constantly fought, raided to retrieve stolen items, and protected those in need. We practically made the server more peaceful and clean. After the server progressed Luna became to busy with being staff for so many servers, to where she stopped showing up. So sadly I lead the faction myself. It became the top faction of Zombie RP and I've gained a history to killing plenty of people who stood in my way. Whether it was one versus three raids to counter raiding people two versus five (only reason why I did so well is because I caught them by surprise with the G3A3. I killed the of the people, one guy fled, other was killed by the guy defending his home. I also lived with only 10 HP) Either way I had a huge reputation for helping people. After a while of being co-owner and hero for the server, I wasn't really needed after that and the server... wasn't going in the direction I expected it to go so I lost interest. I left and came onto Postnuke RP where Luna only rejoined me for a short time to recreate the faction. Now... here we are in the present. Sadly I'm not as needed... and I will admit I am sad I haven't been able to help people, but I still try my best. That's the history.

Whiteclaw Peacemakers:
This is a job I am wanting to work on for all soldiers. This idea would have been private but it would be obvious once you see it in action so here. Whiteclaw Peacemakers are to be of scientist class with medicine to heal those of medical care. You are to also help negotiate peace, guard those in need, and you are suppose to be of upmost kindness. You are to fight when called upon and you are to never give up, no matter what. Fight with your bare fists if you have to, because heroes never give up for the greater good. (You are required to be a scientist, kind, and stable. If you are having issues you will be retired from peacemakers for a while but can come back after things are sorted out. If you aren't a peacemaker but want to help, you will be a Military Police instead.)

Whiteclaw Jobs:
Your job title is chosen depending on what you do most/best. I won't force you to do a job you don't want.

(Edited) I don't know what to say because I feel like everything I say just goes the wrong way so long story short, I won't be fighting him 24/7 in endless wars, I will not go against him, and he's needed for the server as the players need something to fear to keep them in check and be more understanding of how to survive. Doesn't mean I won't shoot him and doesn't mean he won't shoot me.

I noticed this about a good deal of factions and players that I've met. If you just want to fight, just ask me, we can fight, we can do PVP so you won't have to start useless wars.

If you want to be allies, just let me know, I will consider it at first though as I don't want to be allies with slavers or complete assholes.

What do I have to do to join?:
Just be a nice guy who can shoot, if you can't fight I wouldn't recommend joining the faction just in case we do get into wars unless you are willing to be offline during wars.

Makeshift Therapy:
I used to do this on my old server so I will continue it here. If you ever need someone to talk to about ANYTHING just let me know, my steam name is Jsshinoda (whiteclaw). I am here for you if you ever need me, because I know people are unable to get ACTUAL therapists, people willing to listen, people to care about them, or just someone to just talk to. Either way if you need someone I'm here and I care.

Donations would be greatly accepted and they will go towards helping other players. Do not donate rare or high tier items unless you accept the risk of giving someone very valuable and expensive away. We are to give what's NEEDED so it's best to just give low tier stuff for now.

Need anything else?:
If you need anything else post a reply and let me know if you need to know anything else. I have stories, more answers, and I am willing to listen to all questions and comments.
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