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 Raiding Newbies

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PostSubject: Raiding Newbies   Tue Sep 02, 2014 5:58 am

This happened after the event from yesterday during the bounty on Stormy's head. Me and Chops were looking for the little flannel-wearing, democracy giving miscreant, when all of the sudden, Chops spots a base. He tells me we're gonna raid it. I thought nothing of it. I knew who was basing there too, but I had thought they left or that they were harboring Stormy or something to that degree (I failed to read the name of the owner of the fading door, so my fault there). Me and Chops die because the basers were on the roof shooting down. I was like, damn well, fuck it. He's obviously not in there. I was going to leave Haunt and HIS FRIEND (He was not basing alone as once thought) alone, but then Haunt decides he wants to be a dickhead, and insult me in Teamspeak. Listen, you can take my guns, you can steal my car, or whatever. But nothing pisses me off more than people insulting me because they got a lucky kill in a raid (ESPECIALLY WHEN THEY'RE NEW). I throw a couple taunts as well back at him in Teamspeak and I eventually leave because he was being too much of a douche.

Then, I get my friends together to go on a raid with me. My friend Vladipoo stops by as well as Niccolo with another friend, Fox, and another person joined as well, Dilios. This was going to be a noob base rape extravaganza. I war Haunt, shoot him, shoot his friend, and clear out his base. He came back, and with his community disbanded, I killed him because that's mutiny. Next thing was something I was not expecting was going to happen. Bizzclaw gets on the server TPs me to him, and he shoots me over and over again (I deserved this part). I lost a lot of XP, but I eventually got refunded. Losing the XP and resources isn't what made me make this post though. Bizzclaw said to me through private chat that everyone thinks I am an asshole. Honestly, I don't think he knew how much that stings, man. I've put a lot of time and effort into getting to know everyone currently part of the community. And for what? For the owner to tell me that everyone in it thinks I'm an asshole? That sucks.

In the aftermath of all of this. Haunt dismisses me, tells me he lost 1000 chemicals, and tells me to fuck off. Do I care that a noob hates me now? No, I couldn't care less. Especially one that lies about his losses, insults me, and has a false sense of entitlement.

Now, don't take this post he wrong way, I deserved every punishment (I'm actually lucky because I could've gotten banned) I got from this because this kind of stuff WILL make new players upset and want to leave. I don't doubt for a second that Haunt was upset too. I offered to refund him, but he refused, and again, told me to fuck off. I should've been more calm in this situation, but I tend to break stuff around my house if I don't take out my rage any other way. I'm sorry Bizzclaw, I'm sorry to everyone involved in the raid (Morpheus, Chops, Fox etc...), and I'm sorry to the rest of the community. I'll try to level out my attitude, and help out new players more. This kind of thing won't happen again.

Fuckin', cones and shit

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Jeff Belinger

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PostSubject: Re: Raiding Newbies   Tue Sep 02, 2014 9:33 am

Ok, what the bloody hell? I don't think you're an asshole. I never seen you, past or present, do anything that deserved you to be called that. I know some players do think you're an asshole, but I never got to witness why.

If raiding someone's base is warrant to be called an asshole, that's kind of counter intuitive for players, like Opsan, that likes PvP.

So unless im wrong and him being called an asshole and him raiding people arent parallel, then I'd like to be corrected.

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having good rp doesnt make one fit for staff duties, especially if said people are always playing with the same small group of people and no one else. staying in an echo chamber only makes your own words reflected back to you and whoever else is in the chamber. people applying for staff need to not only know the staff, but also how the playerbase can react to interactions between itself, the general staff base and the applicant
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PostSubject: Re: Raiding Newbies   Tue Sep 02, 2014 4:18 pm

Raiding noobs is fine, but warring them after you're killed in a raid when they're just a one man faction is stupid and unfair, hence the new rule.
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Raiding Newbies
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