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 That Isn't Science: Speed of Light

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PostSubject: That Isn't Science: Speed of Light   Fri Sep 12, 2014 12:06 am


'In my many travels across this accursed, vile land, I have learned many things. The first was to not test alchemical mixtures on yourself, as unforseen consequences and other catastrophes might occur. While I had speculated that I would go mad if I had drank the brew, my gender going into flux was unprecedented, however. And that was right before my laboratory was demolished by those blasted soldiers!

It is not clear how I had escaped unscathed from the fracas, what with the madness inducing compound. A welcome change of pace, that madness. Had a conversation with a local owlbear about the roadwork scheduled for next spring to fix up these dreadful roadways. Ah well.

Seems that the only good thing to come of the whole ordeal was those pants finally fit me right. And that laboratory was filthy anyways. Good Riddance. Shame that the madness was only temporary. I swore I could have smelled grass and trees whilst afflicted.

Upon returning to the ruins of where I used to call home, I was able to retrieve parts of my suit that weren't damaged beyond repair. The one time I don't sleep in it... blast. There really wasn't much left behind after the fact. At least they considered my research and inventions unworthy of pilfering. Ha! The fools!

My focus has now shifted to researching the Conglomerates' pulse technology and continue my own light-based weapon work. Possibly incorporating the two together somehow. But first I must establish a foothold again in this harsh landscape.'

_=-End of Personal logs.

The self-proclaimed "Super Scientist" sat in their chair in the dim glow of the generator-powered computer setup, wearing a partial suit of high tech platemail and sipping from a mug of reheated coffee. It was night and this armored intellectual had set up a temporary workstation inside of an abandoned penthouse atop of an apartment building.

Looking out of a wide panel window down into the streets below she could see a number of conglomerate soldiers being brutalized by a pack of gigantic albino scorpions. There wasn't enough time to go down before scavengers picked the bodies clean, so a sigh was let out before walking back across the room to run more tests regarding making weapons from light fixtures and pulse batteries. Really there could be more lucrative and fulling projects to move towards, but this has been what our scientist has chosen to do with their time.
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That Isn't Science: Speed of Light
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