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 My Apologies

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PostSubject: My Apologies   Sat Sep 20, 2014 2:54 am

I thought I might place this to answer the questions of those who have asked about me.

I have not quit Gmod or Postnuke RP. I am just too busy doing artwork or any kind of work then when I get on to play a game, I don't feel like playing postnuke as I want to shoot things or just because in Postnuke, I'm just unneeded. The main reason why I joined postnuke was to help and feel like I was needed to help others, basically be a hero or heroine. Sadly, that's not the case anymore. Even as a moderator, I'm not really needed as the things I'm asked for is either just simple questions anyone can answer :/ or something that resolve themselves or blames put onto people who actually didn't do anything wrong. I like helping people, not because it makes me feel good, but it's what I love to do, it's what I'm passionate about, it's my dream and if I could have it as a job to just help people and just do that, it'd be amazing.

As for other news, I have been busy as I have finally joined the Navy. I am a Future Sailor that's suppose to go to bootcamp by July 28th, I have also been doing a LOT of artwork, like, a LOT, which I might post later on if I have the time or I'm liking how my artwork turns out. I've been making stories, doing speeches, doing poetry, and a lot of other literacy things of the sort too which I might post later but this is Postnuke and I feel like most people would be uninterested in that.

Before I end this post, if you need me, username is jsshinoda (whiteclaw)
The whiteclaw faction isn't gone either, it'll be back when I come back. For now, it's just dormant. Hope to talk to you guys again someday or to be back on when I'm needed as a player or a moderator (for viable reasons)

Thank you for reading
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My Apologies
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