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 Should permanent bans be ended?

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PostSubject: Should permanent bans be ended?   Tue Sep 30, 2014 1:46 pm

In regard to it, is it worth ending permanent banning of players whom have established themselves within the server over extended periods of attendance? Yes I want to know what anyone who reads this to post what comes to mind, as it would establish a community opinion rather than just my own on what i think would be an important change.

As Gmod continues to age I feel it's a disservice to the server that people whom have become regulars wish wish to play the game would lose that option due to bad choices. The server is based on rules that the individual has to abide by of his own accord, and has to regulate their own behavior for themselves.

Things happen. I think i've been at risk of being permanently banned four times myself over my year and a half on the server. And they have been cases of trying to push the envelope for a more entertaining experience. Ive been on the server numerous times while drinking too - I'm saying that it doesn't exactly help in decision making.

I think that the long bans should be given what i would consider a meaningful period - which would be two months. One month in gaming terms can be shrugged off. Three months i think would alienate players for far too long when new games are always coming out. But after a month of not being in a server and seeing you have another to go, might entice players who have been banned to be careful in regard to continuing whatever behavior had gotten them removed. I think ban appeals are also degrading to both the player to make them and for the Administrators to have to read through them, and that it's a waste of time and energy on the part of both sides for typical offenses. If it were reserved for the more significant of personal situations when an individual has for whatever reason had a personal rehabilitation - growing up / maturity.

Now, if someone came off a ban and immediately went on an in game shooting spree figuring they'll just be coming back anyway, that would signify they have no desire to remain in the server and that would be sufficient to permanently ban them. As well as brand new players with no repertoire who come in and start prop killing. That's all well and good and permanent removal would still have it's place.

One category of players I am unsure of are the ones who were removed for intentionally glitching in order to create huge amounts of resources. To me that seems to go outside the boundaries of breaking rules, and being intent on "winning" by having unlimited items at their disposal.
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PostSubject: Re: Should permanent bans be ended?   Tue Sep 30, 2014 2:03 pm

That's why we have ban appeals, if someone really wants to be given a second chance to abide by the rules then they can send a ban appeal to be reviewed. I don't think it should be removed just for the sake of being a regular player on the server, if anything the punishment should be more severe because they've played on the server for a certain amount of time and should know the rules.

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PostSubject: Re: Should permanent bans be ended?   Thu Oct 02, 2014 7:30 pm

I think perma-bans should be kept on the server, but mostly reserved for hackers and repeat offenders. Any kind of hacking whatsoever should be a felony charge IRL if it isn't already.

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PostSubject: Re: Should permanent bans be ended?   

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Should permanent bans be ended?
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