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 Public Announcement !!!!!

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PostSubject: Public Announcement !!!!!   Mon Oct 06, 2014 2:02 am

So most of you have Witnessed Shit I have Done and I want to End it Right Now! I have People Sending me Friend Requests Because They Want to Learn The Exploit That Happened on the Server With The Juggernaut Armor. I am not Going to go into Details But I will Say This, What Happened in The Past Stays in the Past.... It all started When Fubar Was Playing PNRP He Scammed me 1200 Scrap 2500 Small Parts 2500 Chemicals, I thought it was Legit Because I Never Had a Prob. With Fubar and I was in a Alliance with Him In-Furtherdo He Ran Away I chased Him He Killed Me... Never Got my Jugs ):

After That Huge Ordeal I "Speed-Hacked" Which I Should of Never of Done, Killed Him, a Stranger Comes up to me and Shoots me Point Blank in the Face... I Loose More Stuff, I Get Banned For Speed Hacking, Maybe a Month or 2 Later I go to Teamspeak and Asked to be Unbanned, I Get Unbanned, More Shit Happens, And Snap..........

Im Sure You Knew What Happened But I Was Pushed to My Breaking Point.

Just Yesterday I was on Teamspeak a Random Person Joins my Channel Said This.....

"I Yous to Have a Friend, He Was My Best Friend, He Gained Power, He Started to Change, Later I Asked Him "Are you My Friend" He Replied "We were Never Friends" Then He Said this "Please Don't Shut the Server Down This My Home".

I Was Amazed and Astonished of What He Said. It Tells Me How People Really Appreciate Some Things in There Life and I Speak For All Even If You Love Something So Simple Such as A Ball of Yarn or Even Fermented Piss I Know Because I've Been There And I Understood The Meaning of a Object, I Mean it Keeps me From Being Insane From all Idiocy and Violence in This World.

I Just Want to Say This Nothing Will Happen To This Server...

Just Chill I Only Want to Enjoy the Game and Make Friends.

P.S I am Not Spawning in Items Okay! If I Did Then Sparta Would Be at my Knees :p

Please Take this Serious...... Okay!!!

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PostSubject: Re: Public Announcement !!!!!   Mon Oct 06, 2014 3:37 pm

NO offense Maju, hacking and threatening a server doesnt seem to be the best thing to do if you wanted to be back, granted you did get killed by randoms and FUBAR (nobody on the server likes him) but you might want to stop capitalizing every word, it makes it seem like you didnt take care to revise your message (although other people may think otherwise)


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PostSubject: Re: Public Announcement !!!!!   Mon Oct 06, 2014 4:44 pm

Were you that DoomDude, guy? I remember that. I made a whole post about FUBAR scamming you. LOL.

Fuckin', cones and shit

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PostSubject: Re: Public Announcement !!!!!   Mon Oct 06, 2014 6:50 pm

It wasn't really an exploit, it was a hack. You didn't even do it and your friend was the one who did it.
Regardless I appreciate your sentimentality.
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Public Announcement !!!!!
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