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 Just trying to help with rules

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Bestegold K Redgold

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PostSubject: Just trying to help with rules   Sun Oct 19, 2014 12:50 am

Now since I have left and came back i noticed the rules were updated!

Now this isn't to poke holes in or make fun of the rules now, but if you look at the rules now, you can still tell how old they are and i was hoping, i could toke a whack trying my hand at this again, by adding somethings i see on the server, getting rid of things that are cut from the game, and adding a few new ideas.

I don't expect to see these be the rules to replace the rules we have now, but i do hope these rules are thought about, at least a little bit.

Random Death Match (RDM)

RDM, is when you kill or attack another player for no reason. This is not allowed; players must have a legitimate reason to kill someone.

Acceptable reasons to kill players without warning:

Raiding a base.
Defending a friend or ally.
A player has stolen something from you (anything but normal props).
Someone is attempting to propkill.
You have given a player resources to create something for you, and they decide not to make you the item.
Someone is opening a death suitcase.

Acceptable reasons to kill players with a warning:

Players spawning props in your shop, base,ect.
Players putting sprays in your shop, base,ect.
Any sort of spamming, which includes text chat spamming, flashlight spamming or toolgun spamming.
Someone is taking from the same node as you/ is taking from a node you want to take from.
Someone is playing music in a place you own.
A player Insults you.
(if player continues 5 seconds after the warning you may open fire.)

You may not kill anyone who has just spawned and is in spawn or near it. If they have left spawn and came back to spawn then you may kill them.

You can not mug people.

Under no circumstance can you run someone over with your car to kill them.

Revenge Killing

You may revenge kill only if it is done in 5 minutes after they are murdered a friend or ally, or until you die. You can extend this time if you hire a Bounty Hunter/Hitman to kill for you. You may not revenge kill a revenge kill unless you are a friend or ally of the one killed.

New Life Rule

New Life rule, or NLR means that when you die you don't talk about anything that caused you to die and do not return to the place of your death for 5 minutes.

Community warfare

Wars are when factions enter a war from the community warfare menu, during which time you may kill enemy faction's members on sight.
You may enter a war for the following reasons:

If you have been raided by the other community (not you raiding another community)
If you and the other community agrees to the war unless it's a Deserter War or for a RP related reason (Most be approved by an non-bias admin)
If a war has been going on for more then 48 hours and 1 party wishes to end the war, the war must end.
Baiting other factions into war is not allowed (An non-bias admin will decide if you were baiting)

War Deserters.

If you leave a community that is in a war with another faction, don't think you're safe.

You are only considered a  war deserter if war has started or shortly after you left (48 hours after).
If you are a known war deserter, you can be killed by all of the factions that where involved in the war that you avoided (even the faction you left)
The time frame in which you can be killed for deserting is the duration of the war you avoided.
You can have one hit placed on you by the faction you left, even after the war you avoided has ended.


If you leave a community that and join another faction right after leaving, don't think you're safe

You are only considered a deserter if you join another faction shortly after leaving one (24 hours).
If you are a known deserter, you can be killed by the faction you left 24 hours after joining the new faction.

Deserter Wars

If a Deserter(s) joins your faction in the 24 hours of leaving their old faction. Their faction old may start war with your faction for it.
If a War Deserter(s) joins your faction in the time their old faction is still at war, their old faction may go to war with your faction for it.
Players may not leave a faction and join another just to start a war.
If a deserter war has been going on for more then 24 hours and 1 party wishes to end the war, the war must end.

Bounty Hunters/Mercenaries

You are allowed to work as a mercenary if you are the wastelander class.
Make sure that the person you're killing is being killed for a valid reason.
In the event that you do kill someone for an invalid reason, you may be held accountable.
Unless it's faction war related, mercenary contracts and reasons for hiring a mercenary can not carry over map changes or rejoins.
Contracts also expire if the Mercenary and mercenary party dies while performing the hit.
If you die while performing your contract and you have partners continuing it, you cannot join them.
One cannot place a contract on the same person more than once within the hour.

Placing hits

You can hire a mercenary to perform a "hit" on someone to kill them for a valid reason.

You can only put a hit on someone for a role play related reason, here are some examples of reasons you would place a hit on someone:
Someone threatens you over resources when you are trying to scavenge.
Someone has Raided you and you know who it is.
Your faction is at war with their faction.
The minimum of payment required to issue a hit on someone must be equal to or above 100 of every resource.

Combat Logging

Combat logging is when you disconnect in the middle of combat.

If you break in to a stockpile and steal more than 1000 of any resource, you cannot disconnect for 30 minutes after doing so.
If you are in any sort of conflict you cannot just put something in your inventory from your equipment to save it.


Bases must have at least one entrance that general players can access.
You can only have a max of one base per faction.
You can only have a maximum of three doors to enter a base. This includes fading doors, hydraulic and winch doors, and spawned doors.
Bases that use props that go to the top of the sky box are not allowed.
You may not use materials that are 1 sided.
You cannot stack doors on top of each other.
Tunnel entrances which require you to crouch for more than 5 seconds are not allowed.
Any base using no-collided props to trap players or prevent them from shooting you while allowing you to fire at them is not allowed.
It is not allowed to build head glitched security which allows you to kill a person raiding, but blocks them in a no-collided prop from killing you.
You are not allowed to use no-collide all props as secret doors.
You may not have fake keypads, and working ones must be placed in sight of the door it controls and near by.
You can not use Fading Doors as any sort of tactical cover.
Doors with any sort of auto close system must stay open for a minimum of 10 seconds.
No private bases are allowed within the confines of spawn

Public Outposts

Public outposts are bases that are open for public use, whether it be by admission or for free, a public outpost can not be raided
You must put a sign stating it as a public outpost. signs that say things like Bars/Shops/Stores/Public Outpost count as public outposts.
If you place down valuables in public outpost ,your outpost will become raid-able.
If your public outpost plans on charging admission it cannot be more then 10 of each resource

In-Map Towns

If there is a map with a town built in to it, the town cannot be considered private and locked unless every building is owned and all residents of the town agree upon it.
Bars or other sections of the map that could pass as bars are only allowed to be owned by cultivators and must be public. (You may charge a max of 10 resources for admission)
Bars cannot be raided and they cannot have valuables such as stockpiles or community lockers in them.
Map towns are defined by a collection of buildings outside that are built in to the map.
Bunkers, caves or underground areas are not towns; These areas can be made private. However, this does not apply if the entire map is underground.

In-Map Town Take

If there is a map with a town built in to it, and a faction or group of people have taken it over, you may go in and take it over. But  Once the town is taken a sign must be posted of the town's new rulers and laws (if any).
Must follow the same rules as a raid, but you may only kill those who attack you and those who hold power over the town.

Door ownership

You can own a max of 10 doors, but that doesn't mean you can own 10 bases.
You can only own one base on the map. If you have more than one, the one which has the least amount of props or players in it will be unowned without warning.

Water sources

If the amount of water sources where players can drink and can fill their water bottles is few, then these sources cannot be privatized; You can not build private bases around water sources and everyone must be given equal access to water.

Bases that are not allowed

Maze Bases

These are bases in which raiding parties are required to jump over or crouch under obstacles and maneuver around props before entering. These create a "fish in a barrel scenario" and are against the rules. Players caught with maze bases will have the base removed without question.

Airlock Bases

These are bases in which the person raiding is required to crack or lock-pick a door that closes another one behind them, and so on. These types of bases are not allowed.

Base related tools

Sonic Miners

Sonic Miners are a tool that automatically produce resources at the cost of energy. These must be placed on the map ground; you may not place them inside a base or on the roof.

Prop Use

Props are strictly for building, and nothing else. Using a prop for anything other than this can and will result in temporary or even permanent removal from the server.

Prop Restrictions:

Killing anyone using a prop is absolutely not allowed.
Using props to block the doors of your base is against the rules.
Using a prop to "surf" or push others in the air or reach someplace that other players cannot get to is not allowed.
Spamming props to minge or crash the server/players is not allowed.
Prop climbing into/on someone's base is not allowed.
Using props as a ramp/staircase to get somewhere usually unreachable IS allowed, but if you are someplace that only admins can reach you then it is against the rules.


Raiding is when you break into another person's base. In order to accomplish a raid, you need to follow some simple guidelines:

You must call raid before killing someone, it is mandatory to use chat and the /y before raiding.
You cannot raid a base that is in construction (If you place valuables or a keypad on a base it is considered finished and you may be raided)
Silent Raids are when you sneak into someone's base without them noticing you. These are acceptable. However if you are caught during a silent raid, you must either leave immediately or declare a raid, you can not kill anyone during a Silent raid until you have called raid in chat.
If you are killed during a raid it is still considered over and you may not raid that base again for 1 hour
You cannot spawn any props or large postnuke items (cars, storage lockers) during raids. You can set up cover, but it must be done before raid is declared.
You cannot raid single small locked rooms unless you know there's something on the other side worth raiding. (like hearing grubs)

Common Sense

Do not make factions with the name of other prominent groups from other games/movies. They will be deleted.
Don't Physgun your lockers into the sky, but this should go without saying.
If something seems like an exploit or you would expect it to be against the rules, feel free to address it with an admin.

Account usage

you are responsible for everything that happens with your account, if your little brother or a friend breaks the rules while using your account and your account is punished, the punishment will stay.


If you find any sort of Exploit, report it.

Anonymous Staff

It's not unheard of that our staff members try to be anonymous in their identity for whatever reason. In some cases they may pretend to be a new player or hide their name on the server. This means that if you know an admin by steam name, don't call them by it or tell anyone who it is.

Character Customization - PAC3

You can apply on the forums to be white listed for player Appearance Customizer, otherwise known as "PAC3". With this tool you can build any character you want, but like with bases try and keep it reasonable. Please do not use trails or sun beams. Exploiting PAC in any way, which includes but is not limited to making yourself invisible, giant or adding giant props will result in an instant unwarned kick. Repeated offense will result in a ban. Please refrain from using models from custom addons off the workshop. If someone else does not have the content, they will see a huge flashing error. if you see others with custom models, they have taken extra steps to make that possible. Please refer to the PAC "help" section to learn how to do this.

1. Do not alter your hitbox.
2. Do not change your playermodel to anything other than a humanoid model.
3. Do not use sunbeams.
4. Do not use giant props.
5. PAC parts are only to be used on your player and your possessions.
6. Sounds are permitted, as long as you know and understand how to use "sound levels" properly. If someone can hear your sound from far away, you need to remove it until you learn how to use them properly.
7. Do not spam sounds or music.
9. Changing your player into inanimate objects or into a position that hides you is not permitted. (Ex: Solid Snake "cardboard box" PACs are not allowed.)
10. Do not make yourself transparent or invisible under any circumstance. Violators of this rule will have PAC immediately revoked.
11. "Effects" are prohibited unless the user knows and understands how to use them properly.
12. "Trails" are prohibited unless the user knows and understands how to use them properly.
13. Using the PAC camera to see through walls will result in immediate removal of PAC from user and possible suspension from server.
unless given specific permission by a CSC member or higher

Out Of Character

Also refereed to as OOC, Out Of Character means means talking to other players about content NOT related to role play. Any content that is discussed in OOC which pertains to roleplay or is for the use of an advantage over other players, is considered metagaming and is not allowed. If you need to report something to an admin please start a message with a "@". Only admins can see this and it is a lot more noticeable.

Loss of Items

Please do not ask for items to be returned to you for a bad reason, use common sense when asking for a refund.

Vending machines

You are able to build vending machines that allow you to sell most items at a price you can specify.
Vending machines must not be able to be see from the spawn point.
You must have permission to  put a vending machine on someone else's property.
If you put a vending machine in the sight of a merchant selling similar merchandise, that merchant can put a hit on you if he/she was there first.


You are able to build robots that can defend you from enemies and patrol areas you set also assist you while you raid.
Robots have the same RDM protection as players. Attacking or killing a robot for no reason is the same as doing so to the player.

There are rules for robots and are as follows:

Robot's must be neutral to all players if outside a private area unless at war.
Robot's may be set to kill everyone if it is in a private area.
If a robot leaves a private area and kills a player, then it is counted a RDM by the owner.
If a robot is lost during a raid you are not to ask for it back or you break NLR.
Do not make a robot impossible to kill when on guard such as putting it in a bullet proof case.

Breakable Postnuke Items

Some items on the server are breakable once dealt enough damage, but you cant just break these items with out a valid RP reason.

Reasons to break a Postnuke item are as follows:
At war with the owner's faction
Is inside or near a base of a person you raid and is owned by the person or person's friend/allies.
Is attacking you (robot)
Revenge for killing a ally/friend.

Also i didn't change a lot in the text but i did re-word things so they are more to the point, less opinionated, and simplified.

Last edited by Bestegold K Redgold on Sun Oct 19, 2014 1:19 am; edited 7 times in total (Reason for editing : shop, base,ect.)
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PostSubject: Re: Just trying to help with rules   Sun Oct 19, 2014 4:20 am

Fuck it. I'm rewriting everything.
NLR -               NLR, or New Life Rule refers to the stigma of players that have recently died must roleplay as if they had lost their memories, up to and including their death. However, if they feel that their death was unjustified, (RDM, Exploits, Propkills, .etc) Feel free to message the staff and have them confront their killer with the victim to resolve the issue.

Breaking NLR and revenge killing someone is considered Random Deathmatch, and is a bannable offence (Sentence varies). Please allow the staff to handle the situation if there is any available. If there isn't any at the time. Get the player's Name, SteamID if possible, and report them on the forums. Your items might be refunded if the death was completely unjustified and if an admin can be bothered to refund your items.

Less bullshit.
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Bestegold K Redgold

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PostSubject: Re: Just trying to help with rules   Sun Oct 19, 2014 5:41 pm


If you find any sort of Exploit, report it.


Less bullshit
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PostSubject: Re: Just trying to help with rules   

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Just trying to help with rules
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