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 [Denied]Unban appeal of SilentGhost57 (Banned with fubar)

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PostSubject: [Denied]Unban appeal of SilentGhost57 (Banned with fubar)   Fri Nov 07, 2014 2:23 pm

Your RP Name: SilentGhost57

Date of incident: August 28, 2014
Time incident: About 7
Time Zone: Eastern Time Zone

Please explain exactly what happened from start to finish:

So it all started when I scammed Charles Matthews of his Jug armor. I stayed online for the 30 minutes that you need to stay on after stealing something from someone so they have a chance to get the item you stole back and after hiding for 30 minutes and then going offline for a bit(like an hour) then I got back online when I did I went back to the town we were in. Then Charles kills me for scamming him even though I survived the time I needed to be able to log off and Fubar wasn't going to have that shit so he killed Charles this made him war FUBAR and then I went to war as well. After killing Charles and Lone a good amount ( Getting them down to just using Riot Armor and AK’s because the great loss of Conglom and heavy assault rifles ) we could not find them at all so Fubars idea was to walk along the rocks ledges because it was a fast way to travel the map and would give us the tactical advantage. But after walking the rock ledges we both fell into a part of the rock that was nocliped. We both thought since we lost some hp we would chill there for a few minutes and gain some health so I dropped my car to get some health kits. After that we hear a little bird blow up not to far from us so fubar got his pulse sniper out and checked out where the explosion happened which was over near spawn. After seeing the little bird we knew that it was Charles and Lone. We even spotted them but knowing the rule that there was to be no shooting into or out of spawn and Fubar made sure we didn't shoot and follow the rule. This is why I don't understand why people ever said we fired from the rock I have even asked lone and Charles this and both said we never fired from the rocks we got out the rock when we saw that they spotted us and we had a heated firefight on the over look of the highway. I can understand why we got the banned because we did heal up and that was something that was unfair to the environment of the gameplay and we are both sorry for not reporting it right away to the 1 of at least 4 admins on at the time we just hope you can see we were not trying to hurt the server we were just thinking about how to win this war. And we are truly sorry for our actions.

I just wanted to play videah games
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[Denied]Unban appeal of SilentGhost57 (Banned with fubar)
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