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 phil yo droonk go home

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PostSubject: phil yo droonk go home   Sun Nov 23, 2014 1:05 am

Anchorman: Drunk mofo mofo
PsycoticOyster is now Online.
PsycoticOyster: Fight my ruav both bil kil. Yog
PsycoticOyster: Tyohb just jealiyc
Anchorman: Na dood
Anchorman: Yo drunk phil
Anchorman: yo just drunk
Anchorman: go home phil
PsycoticOyster: Lick my balld
PsycoticOyster: Surprised⭕o⭕o⭕o⭕o⭕o⭕o⭕o⭕o⭕o⭕o⭕o⭕o⭕o⭕o⭕o⭕o⭕o⭕o⭕o⭕o⭕o⭕o⭕o⭕o⭕o⭕o⭕o⭕o⭕o⭕o⭕o⭕o⭕o⭕o⭕o⭕o⭕o:o
Anchorman: na phil
Anchorman: lick my ballid
PsycoticOyster: You want to jfigvt ne ebitxg
PsycoticOyster: I jpl yoy
Anchorman: Lol phil
Anchorman: okay
Anchorman: yo droonk
PsycoticOyster: You eve.. talkjbg to that Asian fu k
PsycoticOyster: Don't believe qua t she aay
PsycoticOyster: H
Anchorman: scoob
Anchorman: yo scoob
Anchorman: scoob
Anchorman: phil
Anchorman: is scoob
Anchorman: yo droonk
Anchorman: phil
PsycoticOyster: Dud r smyoy eNt to fuckingdir
PsycoticOyster: I'll. Kil ylu
PsycoticOyster: I'm do yird
PsycoticOyster: But o.don't want up.slrrp
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Tactical Bacon


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PostSubject: Re: phil yo droonk go home   Sun Nov 23, 2014 1:16 am

10:41 PM - PsycoticOyster: I aunt even mad bri
10:41 PM - PsycoticOyster: Just fhht me78% jrOlous fuck
10:41 PM - PsycoticOyster: I liuh kill your family
10:42 PM - =(e)= Tactical Bacon: youre just mad bro
10:42 PM - =(e)= Tactical Bacon: youre clearly drunk
10:43 PM - PsycoticOyster: Did r jdt mad cu icould kick your ass
10:43 PM - =(e)= Tactical Bacon: nah dude
10:43 PM - =(e)= Tactical Bacon: just jealous phil
10:43 PM - PsycoticOyster: Fight Mr. You xvin
10:43 PM - =(e)= Tactical Bacon: I will
10:43 PM - PsycoticOyster: I'll clink lyo
10:43 PM - =(e)= Tactical Bacon: nah dude
10:43 PM - =(e)= Tactical Bacon: you're just drunk phil
10:44 PM - PsycoticOyster: Dye rice jnly had 13 bberr
10:44 PM - =(e)= Tactical Bacon: dude
10:44 PM - =(e)= Tactical Bacon: dope
10:44 PM - PsycoticOyster: %
10:44 PM - PsycoticOyster: Unma call male ale
10:44 PM - =(e)= Tactical Bacon: Dude
10:45 PM - =(e)= Tactical Bacon: Phil
10:45 PM - =(e)= Tactical Bacon: calm down
10:45 PM - PsycoticOyster: Noodle
10:45 PM - PsycoticOyster: I'm. a. All alex
10:45 PM - =(e)= Tactical Bacon: yeah dude
10:45 PM - =(e)= Tactical Bacon: you're a pansy ass niqqa
10:45 PM - PsycoticOyster: Ny phone bapuy die
10:45 PM - =(e)= Tactical Bacon: k
10:45 PM - PsycoticOyster: Wyse
10:45 PM - PsycoticOyster: This. Ryhd
10:46 PM - =(e)= Tactical Bacon: kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
10:45 PM - PsycoticOyster: !
10:50 PM - PsycoticOyster is now Online.
10:50 PM - PsycoticOyster: I'm ba k bitch
10:50 PM - PsycoticOyster: Dght my ass
10:50 PM - PsycoticOyster: Illk kill fiiyo
10:50 PM - =(e)= Tactical Bacon: nope
10:50 PM - =(e)= Tactical Bacon: scrub

Phillip/PsycoticOyster is a fun person when he's drunk.

Res ad triarios venit

Never pet a burning dog.

Feels fuckin' good to kill I guess.
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phil yo droonk go home
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