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 Few Issues I'd like to Discuss

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Ed the Fringe Settler

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PostSubject: Few Issues I'd like to Discuss   Sat Nov 29, 2014 7:18 pm


So I've been playing on the server for a bit now, and I'd like to bring up a few things for discussion and possibly fixes.

1. The Economy. Right now the economy in the server is in shambles. Veteran players control the market so heavily, it increases the new player slope so far its a huge hassle to grind. Some resources are horrifically infalted while others are very rare for newer players. So many craftable items have little demand further increasing these issues.

A. Cars - On many servers, players with cars will drive around and get chemicals and rarer resources if needed. This is cool and all, however it causes the rich to get richer and new/poor players to get poorer. Many may say get a car, however they're expensive. With even 1 car doing scav runs on the server, they could easily get 90% of the chemical spawns. This makes any items that require chemicals out of reach for most new/poor players.

B. Trading and Merchants. Any player trying to start a business is usually out of luck. Cultivators aren't heavily demanded and most veteran players place down shops that sell food/water for very cheap. Even if they're not cultivators. This basically makes the class borderline obsolete. Why pay a cultivator when I can go buy 30 oranges at 3/3/3 a pop? Same with water. Scientist are the same way. I've never seen anyone use anything other than a solar panel for power. I still dont see a point to power either, except for a few things (such as robots). Even then the demand isn't high. This causes most of the craftables for the scientist to be useless to craft/sell. Engineers for weapons and wasterlanders for armor are probably the two exceptions that can make a decent profit. Even then not all their items are highly desired, so making a profit is usually minimal.

2. Items and their usage. So many items seem horrifically underused. Things like 90% of what a cultivator can do, the wide array of weapons, power, etc.


1. Cars and gas. Make it so gas can be produced from Cultivators by making Biofuel. This will give cultivators a much larger endgame presence. Right now most cultiators just aren't viable on account of veteran players flooding the market with cheap food/cultivator craftables.

2. Make it so certain things require greater power. You shouldn't be able to charge a robot with a solar panel. There should be some kind of watt required to charge certain items.

3. Put in Warmth. Make it so players required warmth to survive and if they get too cold they freeze to death. Then make mechanics that revolve around that. Cultivators can make camp fires. You can use scientist to make generators that can generate warmth generators that increase in radius depending on how much power you put into it.

4. Make it so that at civilizations/camps, monsters can spawn and attack. This will help increase the desire of guards and overall help get currency flowing by increase the amount of weapons used, armor used, and healing needed

5. Disable the ability to heal other players as a Scientist. This shouldn't be free. Make it so the associated attribute maybe increases the amount of healing crafted items do. Maybe helps increase how much healing you recieve when using items. Or perhaps reduce the crafting cost of medical items. Free healing devalues medkits largely and destroys the medical based economy as a whole.

Overall, I think this gamemode despertley needs to get currency flowing. Veteran players get rich at the expense of newer players, further increase the curve for newer players. Along with this, Veterans stockpiling currencies and allowing them to get currencies a lot more easily gives them less to work for. There needs to be more use for all classes at the endgame levels. Less of this cars hogging 90% of chemical spawns and people just sitting back with pulse rifles killing combine causing there to be little to no risk factor and a huge benefit.
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PostSubject: Re: Few Issues I'd like to Discuss   Sat Nov 29, 2014 7:47 pm

1.The economy
there is no case veterans controled the economy and so now
why this it make no sense?
i know the commande checking current world resources piles and it always decreases 2~3 and regens straight ahead so it denys about car problem too and i havent even saw many people finding resources even there was 20 people on the server

about power generator
this is the problem you should ask first how it is hard to get generator source items
there are just few people have nuclear generator(like 4~5 people)because the core is very rare and even i couldnt get that.fusion core is much more terrible, people selling its fuel for 75each(not a rod just one fuel)and ive never heard there is using it because no one has it.
so we just have gas generator and solar panel, but you know what? solar panel is freakin rare too! and even can be destroyed. beside ive seen many people using gas generator.

about vending
do they sell orange for 3/3/3? it just fills 15 hunger and other foods are not so high price and orange dosent fills thirsty
for scientist, they cant always stay with people so we can use vendingmachine to sell medkits or you can make pulse ammos and sell it. how about making rad suit?


Sakuya dance
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Ed the Fringe Settler

Posts : 22
Join date : 2014-11-22

PostSubject: Re: Few Issues I'd like to Discuss   Sat Nov 29, 2014 8:01 pm

The thing about the piles isn't a factor about spawn rates. It's about frequency and ease of getting to them. A new player will have to walk between piles while a driver can drive. So the car can dominate the chemical spawns and shut out new players fairly easily. Most players I talk to who aren't vets have little to no chemicals.

I've tried selling rad suits and what not, and not many takers. People don't want medkits because of the frequency they drop from scavenging and doctors offering free healing.

I can see what you're saying about the power generators.

Veterans control the economy when compared to lower level players. Veterans often decide the prices because they usually put items up for fairly cheap. So new merchants/lower level players must match those prices or go lower, or else they wont get any business.

Cars and vehicles exert map control that can help with resource gain.

Basically from an end game perspective, there needs to be more purpose to the cultivator and scientist classes. Players just don't use these classes in terms of being a merchant often. The demand just isn't there.

I'm just tired of the extraordinarily low resource acquisition over time for newer players. It scares away many players and makes so much out of reach that they get bored. The grind in this game is high, business for crafting classes is usually low and profit is almost none existant, and the amount of times I've been "out done" by a player who is much better equipped than me (has vehicles, weapons like pule snipers where there's no risk vs reward, etc) is so high it's starting to get to the point where its not fun.
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Bestegold K Redgold

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PostSubject: .   Sat Nov 29, 2014 9:00 pm


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Ed the Fringe Settler

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Join date : 2014-11-22

PostSubject: Re: Few Issues I'd like to Discuss   Sat Nov 29, 2014 9:51 pm

Well for end game it will take more to change than just decrease resource acquisition rate.

For endgame you have

1. Hard Monsters like Combine Drops

2. PvP

3. RPing

If you want more to do for endgame, there are solutions.

1. Right now combine drops are low risk high reward. People just grab a pulse rifle and snipe. Makes them increadibly easy. The amount of times I've seen someone with no armor, just a pulse rifle snipe and get all the loot is ridiculous

2. Increase the amount of special mobs like Combine that are difficult.

3. Allow players to claim towns/settlements that are in the map already. I remember playing on a map where it's snow and there's a town. Someone tried to claim the town and charge a fee to enter it. He was told that he's not allowed. This is ridiculous. YOU WANT players to claim towns like this. This encourages PvP which is a HUGE part of the endgame. Right now there's little to no PvP.

4. Add in more economic drains. Once you're at the "endgame" level and can make ridiculous amounts of resources fairly quickly, there's nothing to take that out of the economy. As such you don't have to do it often. You have good amount of armor and resources to make a few. You have weapons. All this stuff isn't that expensive for you. You need more stuff for players to spend money on. A good example would be repairing. Put in durability (I know none of this stuff is easy to code in, just suggestions though). Make it so players to have to pay a class to repair their stuff. Put in gas for the cars and vehicles. Take out free "skill" healing from Scientist so that more players would buy medkits instead of getting free heals.

5. Put in resource generators. Maybe at key default locations put in something that automatically produces resources and are in the map with no cost. Allow players to block it off and claim it for themselves. Get players fighting over them.

As it stands right now the resource acq rate for newbies is just too low. You're scaring away players. I see maybe 1 out of 10 players that join come back for a few days after. maybe 1 in 20 have a healthy playrate with the server over a week.

Here's the way I see it. First make it so the rate at which chemical spawns the same as what small parts is currently. Then make it so the rate at which scrap spawns and small part spawns switch, making it so that small parts are more common and scrap is more rare. Why? This helps encourage the use of a smelter, which I hope requires power. Right now a smelter is absolutely useless. People have tons of scrap as it is.

Bottom line is that chemicals are just too rare for new players. Either drop the amounts required to make some of the newbie items or increase the rate at which they spawn. Either way its hard to even consider veterans and how it will effect them since so many have mentioned that they can get resources so easily. On top of there being no economic drains on them, which causes inflation in the veteran side of the game.
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PostSubject: Re: Few Issues I'd like to Discuss   Sat Nov 29, 2014 10:06 pm

about car
that still not explain the fact i said i couldnt see many people around the map for resources.
i meant sure there is many people finding resources but 1/3 are just sitting in the town 1/4 keeping their base, and lefts finding for resources. but, yes i have a car but i dont use it so i always walk for the resources and doing fine without any disrupt and when someone across after me with car just happens almost every 30 minute. why? i told you resource piles regens straight ahead,
there are 30 piles on the map and when i type the command there are 28 piles and after minute it says there is 30 piles.

there is sector A,B,C,D,F,G
car started from B and walker started from F. those car users turning around the map B,A,C,D,F,G and walker F,G,A,B,C,D,F
even car met walker at D and already gethered resouces walker will find resource at C and B and A because spawn late is very fast.
even they turning around same ways, car is faster than the walker but spawn late is very fast so even if car gethered resources first walkers can easily find resources this is just problem of 12km/h with 15km/h

about the vendor
for keep the price of global marketing we have to sell stuffs resonable prices but some guys dont. yes i hate this too, but its not always happening so i have to get there lucky time or you can just break your stereotype that you have to sell 150scrap 200 small parts 150 chems for 170 scrap 220 small parts 170 chems
you can sell it for 150sc 230sp 165c or 130sc 215sp 185chem this is very easy solution and im using it
and if you think we have to sell stuffs for little cheap prices you should read a book about economy demand and supply

we dont take communism
same rarity of resources is make no sense becuase of the demand and supply


Sakuya dance
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Jeff Belinger

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PostSubject: Re: Few Issues I'd like to Discuss   Sat Nov 29, 2014 10:35 pm

chemicals chemicals chemicals.

its all everyone raves about, myself am no exception. he's right about the fact that everything needs big amounts of chems. what he's wrong about though is the rarity.

chems are as common as any other ressource, they all have a 33.333334% chance to spawn once another nodes is taken out. you dont see chem nodes often because the scrap nodes are all scattered everywhere, and no one wants to scav scrap since everyone take scrap like pennies, as worthless garbage. just about the same for small parts. players wont go out to get chems because they know they will need to scav other nodes to make the chem nodes to pop, and then its not guaranteed they will get it so no one wants to go out because they dont want others to get chems they should have.

I remember once a long time a ago, everyone was scaving, I was driving around my car and scaving all the chemicals, denying the entirety of the server access to chems. in an hour and a half, i managed to get about 3.5k chems while others were raging over OOC about no chems and I was just being a dumbfuck and telling people i had no idea what they were on about, that i was finding all sorts of chems.

that was like, a year ago, it was fun, but at the same time, back then, things were REAL kinds of cheap to make because people were not as good, for most part. at one point, everyone could get high end in less than a week, hell, I had about 35 cars back then, a blackhawk, 12 super sonic miners, 4 fusion generators, 3 fusion gens that needed assembly, 4 nuclear gens and about a metric fuckton of resources and like, 10 barrets.

like, i had a damn rental service going on for pretty much everything i owned.

but then the reset happened, prices spiked because the game was too easy and now, new players complain about the learning curve.

ok, honestly, on my first day, 2 months after the reset, when i decided to start again, I got myself a car I worked my ass for. first. fukken. day.

game mode is still easy, you just need to invest time and know what you're doing and RANK UP YOUR SCAVENGE AND STRENGTH.  

how to win at PNRP
0. go scavenger
1. get machete
2. get to killing dogs and molerats
3. increase strengh, hit harder, carry more
4. kill more mobs
5. rank up scav for more phat loot
6. repeat step 3, 4 and 5 until satisfied
7. get enough ressources to buy car wheels, repeat 3, 4 and 5 if needed.
8. get resources to craft the engines and the servos and the base craft cost of a Barre
9. get a engi and get him to craft your car in exchange for some nice loot so he wont just fuck off with it.
10. repeat steps 2 to 5 until you get enough resources to get the mod for the barre to turn it into a barre TT, which is a VIP exclusive craft upgrade. once3 you got that, enjoy having 400 extra pounds of room to stash crap in and one of the fastest cars in the game
11. now repeat steps 2 to 5 and work your way to a Cargo Truck, green or blue, doesnt matter (Green master race)
12. enjoy having tripled your mule's carry weight and now you are dank enough to do any other projects you want.

there, done, now stop complaining. sticky this post on the generals, tired of seeing the same threads every week

Gyro count highscore: 5
You saw a chemical bin? WHERE!?!?!?!?!!!!

having good rp doesnt make one fit for staff duties, especially if said people are always playing with the same small group of people and no one else. staying in an echo chamber only makes your own words reflected back to you and whoever else is in the chamber. people applying for staff need to not only know the staff, but also how the playerbase can react to interactions between itself, the general staff base and the applicant
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PostSubject: Re: Few Issues I'd like to Discuss   

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Few Issues I'd like to Discuss
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