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 Where to put threads

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1st Forum Overlord

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PostSubject: Where to put threads   Fri May 10, 2013 1:22 am

Where to put threads

FF stands for frostburntfoundation.

General Discussion
What this is for:
Stuff to do with the FF community.
Anything to do with real life.
What this is NOT for:
Anything to do with the FF server or any other server.
Spamming or making useless threads.

What this is for:
Talking about music.
Talking about games.
Talking about pictures/videos (SFW & not dumb & not FF related).
What this is NOT for:
Talking about things in the news.
Pictures/videos relating to FF or it's servers.

What this is for:
Dumb stuff.
Stuff you don't want taking seriously.
Light trolling.
Talking about pictures/videos (SFW & dumb).
Forum games.
What this is NOT for:
Stuff you want people to take seriously.
Threads you don't want to get derailed.
Threads relating to FF.

Postnuke General Discussion
What this is for:
Talking about the FF server.
Talking about events that happened on the FF server.
Pictures/videos relating to the FF server.
Complaining about the FF server.
Complimenting the FF server.
What this is NOT for:
Admin abuse reports.
Player reports.
Unban requests.
Warning appeals.
Bug reports.
Things to do with the FF community rather than the actual server.
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Where to put threads
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