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 Ol' Bill's tips

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PostSubject: Ol' Bill's tips   Fri Dec 26, 2014 9:40 am

1. Always stick with a team
You will always run into NPCs that want to kill you, stay with all the people that are armed
or find a weapon

2. Join a faction
Not only will faction members probably help you, they will even defend you

3. Pick the scavenger class first
Scavenger class gets a lot of resources

4. Chemicals are your high priority
Chemicals are a big problem because they're rare, although you do get
a lot when you find them

5. Even if you have a lot of resources still scavenge
You sometimes get beans or even weapons out of them

6. Apply for pac as fast as you can
You will want to use it so badly when you see
all the cool outfits everyone has. But you need to be
whitelisted, apply as fast as you can

7. Don't hesitate to sell stuff
Put up text signs if you don't have
vending machines.

8. If you're in a public outpost and if there's no walls, build them
Ghouls and other monsters attack pretty fast. Get to work!

9. Don't attack NPCs if they don't attack you
Why waste your precious HP and time (ammo if using a gun)
on these NPCs?

10. If there's a radiation storm just RUN and HIDE!
Even if you're still scavenging JUST RUN!
I died because i was scavenging for chemicals

11. Don't buy assault rifles too fast
If a shotgun or a pistol is an option buy that.
It doesn't take as much ammo as the assault rifle does
shotgun is slow and good, you won't waste too much ammo
on NPCs

12. Don't heistate to ask others for help
At first i thought that no one would help
but people actually give you stuff if you ask for it
(not all people)
But don't get annoying with this. If it's critical (thirst 10%)
But not just out of lazines

Those were Ol' Bill's 12 tips!

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PostSubject: Re: Ol' Bill's tips   Fri Dec 26, 2014 2:13 pm

1 Gay

2 Gayyyyy

3 *Pops collar*

4 >a lot

5 That's if you don't discover this fact somehow by the point you get a lot of resources.

6 And swamp the forums for Chess or whoever to answer all the PAC3 apps for people to be just blindly accepted cos they just want to get through with all the applications. We should have screens of people with some kind of pac3 experience and links from the steamcommunity can't always been seen by everyone too.

7 Why.

8 If your public outpost didn't start with walls, I don't know how to help you.

9 Unless you're farming for XP or ykno, speshul meats.

10 >Radsuits

11 Most assault rifles have multiple firing modes and do the same amount of damage as most pistols per shot.

12 Knowing the map is more useful than bothering people about items. Because most maps the server plays on have a large amount of water on them somewhere on them.
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Ol' Bill's tips
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