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 [Denied]Ban appeal for The Rat

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The Rat


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PostSubject: [Denied]Ban appeal for The Rat   Sun Dec 28, 2014 4:32 pm

Removal of ban for The Rat(Tbros)

Server:Post nuke roleplay

Your SteamID: STEAM_0:0:75188872

Your RP Name: The Rat

Date of incident: 12/27/2014

Time of incident (HH:MM 24hr): around 11:30 pm(cant remember exact time)

Time Zone: Eastern time

Please explain exactly what happened from start to finish: I got on the server which was on CSC desert and went scavenging, guy named TaekenYerrKaar stole my car and took it to Mariposa military base, I went to get it with a friend and he already pissed off the other factions as he took there cars and said there was absolutely nothing they could do about it or they will be banned. so I tried starving him out by blockading his base.he got some admins though I could not hear them very well because it was loud where in my house. So I assumed they wanted me to take the barricade down, so I did and then left the server because I was tired. and today I came back and It said I was banned, Im not even sure why I was anyway.

If you have any evidence to support this report, please give it here:I do not have much evidence besides my own word and the fact that I probably would not be writing this if I was not banned from the server.

Additional comments: I have no idea why I was banned but if I did do anything wrong I am truly sorry for it and promise to never again repeat my errors.
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PostSubject: Re: [Denied]Ban appeal for The Rat   Sun Dec 28, 2014 5:08 pm

Alright, so two things.

You were propblocking his base.
Propblocking is against the rules.

I was going to let you off with a warning, and just forget about this:

But before I got the chance to say, "Just don't do it again." you decided to leave and say: "I'm tired of this server anyway"

Which made me ban you.
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[Denied]Ban appeal for The Rat
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