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 Some questions I have

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PostSubject: Some questions I have   Mon Feb 09, 2015 3:32 am

1. If you hire a hitman and mention the name of the target
but then NOT hire him, can the hitman tell the target? Because a hitman could just easily lie about it and tell him that Billy wanted to kill him

2. Can you defend another player if you're friends with him? or do you have to be allies/in faction with them?

3. Can you use content that the server has for pac?let's say Conglomerate Assault armor for pac - if you make it obvious like removing the helmet?

4. If someone is being a general dick and just keeps bothering you like saying how you're bad and that you should get good and how he's better than you because he has more playtime,.. can you kill him? If a proper warning is given + he doesn't stop?

5. Can you for example go somewhere private with someone and then scam him and kill him for it? or do you have to run away?

6. What can a hitman do when you don't know if the reason is from today/he didn't die? He can't look in the console,...

7. Can you enslave someone if they volunteer? I mean if he wants to rp as a slave

8. If you're VIP and then you craft something VIP like a TV. After then when it expires, will the TV disappear?

9. Is it considered RDM if you accidently kill someone if he went in with an axe like an idiot in a conglo suit?

10. is it combat logging if you disconnect? because you're lagging like a mother****** and you think that your game crashed?

11. If someone does combat log and you lost some health and ammo in that fight will/should it be reimbursed? i mean because that wasn't a really RP fight.

12. what do you do when someone steals your car when you were putting stuff in it because you're tired and wanna go to sleep? Because it's considered combat logging.

13. Can pacs lag?

14. Can you take the usual "town" in maps and turn it into your own base if you own all the doors? (Which is probably impossible since there's a limit)

15. Will there ever be a custom map? because i honestly hate this map cycle.

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PostSubject: Re: Some questions I have   Mon Feb 09, 2015 3:43 am

4.Offensive Comments/Insults
You cannot kill people for insulting you, or if you perceive it as an insult. The only time you can kill someone for insulting you is if they flat out call you offensive names and don't let up on it. If they call you a simple name or say something offensive and walk off, that is not a reason to kill. If they persist, like following you around, or continue to constantly talk about you in public places, tell an admin. If they are doing it in your base, and they refuse to leave, you can kill. If someone is blatantly disregarding this rule and consistently acts like an asshole or a smart ass in small ways (aka they know this rule exists and they are trying to tip toe around it) they can be killed.
6.if hitman didnt ask the reason is true and refused it then both of them will be punished.if not, only caller get puniched.
9.yes and that never can be happen
10.if you crashed, explain that to admin. yes thats combat logging if you disconnect because you are lagging
11.read the rule
12.kill him
14.read the rule
15.http://frostburnt.site.nfoservers.com/server/maps/ really?

dont ask anything if you think reading a rule is bothering your time


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Some questions I have
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