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 [Expired](2nd) Ban Apeal For Dr. Professer Andrew Cell

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Dr. Professer

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PostSubject: [Expired](2nd) Ban Apeal For Dr. Professer Andrew Cell   Fri Apr 10, 2015 3:43 pm

Your RP Name:Dr. Professer Andrew Cell
Date Of Incident:Febuary 15th, 2015
Time Of Incident:(HH:MM 24hr) 12:00A.M.(About)

Dear Bizzclaw and all those I hurt,
I would like to first start by saying I am making a new post from my original post from about a month ago, and that I believe I have learned my lesson. It was a day like any other when an event happened which was made by Chicon. I was low on weapons so I made an OTS-Pernach weapon and was a scientist, so I had no ammo or and ammunitions press so I inventoried it Then I had gotten into a fight with Yuri, and he rdmed me, making me lose a fair amount of resources. I was angry at this and in an attempt to make some of my resources back I broke down my pernach as I kept the Gatling laser gun I got from the event. That’s when I noticed you made more from salvaging then making it. So I came on later, and decided "You know what professer, Lets get resources!" and I abused the pernach, which led to a rightfully deserved ban. I am deeply sorry for these actions I have caused, and anyone I hurt. I loved the server before I was banned and I even donated towards it. If I am unbanned, I would be more than happy to restart all over if this ment I could play again since my main was reset I Hope you can see somewhere in your heart to forgive the Stupid actions that I did, and to consider giving me a second chance to play on a server I dearly miss and love
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PostSubject: Re: [Expired](2nd) Ban Apeal For Dr. Professer Andrew Cell   Sat Apr 11, 2015 5:42 am

I vote to give him a second chance. I think everyone should get that, everyone makes mistakes and long as hes learned from his
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[Expired](2nd) Ban Apeal For Dr. Professer Andrew Cell
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