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 Fighting for my soul against Vokak the Demon

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PostSubject: Fighting for my soul against Vokak the Demon   Fri May 15, 2015 4:44 pm

As I walked through this desolate wasteland which the locals simply called "The aftermath" I looked upon the grey sky and cloudy horizon, I had been walking for days now and finally came out of that dalmed train tunnel into the sunlight, I heard from a few merchants that there was a town near here. eventually I came upon the town which was spoken of, it was not much. Just a few old repaired suburb houses, but there was an old conglomerate military tower here as well. I came into the towns broken streets and walked into a few buildings, traded some things with some merchants. Surprisingly none asked about my mask or if I was a ghoul from my raspy voice, after all that is why I wore the mask, to hide my rotting flesh. But perhaps I wore it for more reasons than I knew myself. Suddenly though as I walked out of a shop I saw before me ,tall and dis-formed, a creature which seemed to make the very heavens around him become blacker than a moonless winter night. Its long, thin arm outstretched toward me as a boney finger pointed at its target, me. It had no mouth, eyes or ears but still spoke and knew where I was with its long boney finger still pointing. "YOU" it shouted "You hide behind your mask of lies, not accepting the truth!" I looked puzzled at this thing which accused me of stubbornness.
I replied "what do you mean? I do not see what you think I hide from."
The being answered "You wear a mask to hide from who you really are, a mask of lies to deceive people."
I then said " I lie to no one, I wear my mask so people may not see my Leprous face, what are you talking about?"
"HA! You think you know? you think you know, You do not! you stand mighty and high, thinking you know! Do you even know who I am?" The colorless 'skin' of the creature darkened and he pulled me forward and opened his mouth wider than anything I have ever seen in my hundred years in the wasteland. I understood who he was, Demon, and as I realized some in the town were seeing what was going on but simply watched as The Demon and I fought, not with weapons but with words. at least for now. "and so demon" I said in horror "why has thou come for me?"
The Demon replied with a laugh "I come for you, nothing more!"
"you speak in riddles demon, why I said"
"You are a man of lies, you lie to yourself and others, oblivious to the truth!"
"And what is this 'truth'? sin? temptation? what?! Blasphemy against god our creator?!"
"There is no God anymore man of lies, he has abandoned you and all others"
"You are the lie Demon! I deny you and your master!"
"Master?" the Demon hissed, "I have no master! I am all! I am legion!"
"Yes, The legion of Lucifer! The Angel God cast down from heaven after he rebelled! You are his servant and your clueless pride only shows how much more of a slave you are!"
The Demon replied "NO! I am my own master! I am free from the 'commandments' of your God! I am more powerful than he will ever be!"
"No Demon, you are weak! You have no power over my soul which is restored by my lord!"
"You are filled with lies, take off your mask how about, let us see who you really are!"
"Fine! you want to see me? You want to see the embodiment of mankind's failure to preserve its glory, yet survive? fine!"
I took off my mask for all to see my rotted face.
"I cover my face to cover my shame!" I yelled! "To cover the shame of being left behind in this purgatory of this rotting flesh never to die and join God in heaven! maybe he has abandoned me but I shall not give in! I shall try to redeem myself!"
The Demon then became even darker, and I felt something his name perhaps? V...oka...k. The demons name!
"Vokak!" I shouted hoping to exorcise this being of evil,"I cast you from this land and from my presence, Vokak the Demon"
I began making the prayer of exorcism in latin just as I memorized.
One of the power armored townies then exclaimed "that's no demon" The true form of Vokak was then revealed a giant alien like being floating in the air, this creature was from another dimension no doubt, but another dimension, Hell, they are the same to me, just another name for the same place. "Do you think I can be defeated that easily?" the true form of Vokak told me. the exorcism did not work. "SYSTEM REBOOT COMPLETE-RESTORING PREVIOUS HOLO-FORM. the robotic voice yelled.
Vokak returned to his previous form and grabbed hold of me bringing me across the wasteland to an old missile base and told me "You shall do as I command and carry my will! to launch the nukes once more!"
"NO!" I shouted trying to get loose but he was too strong and seemed to be controlling my very body. At the silo I swung free with my over two-and-a-half-thousand year old blade, chopping his arm off, no blood gushing out. He took out his weapon a strange gun-like weapon which was unnaturally Black with no light shining off of it. "I deny you demon! I deny Sin!" I chanted at the top of my lungs.
"Then you shall perish."
We fought for days, him firing his weapon and my slicing his body parts off with my weapon, which grew back.
finally by attrition he injured me, lying on the floor I wept, for the first time in nearly a century the salt from my tears stinged my skinless flesh. Vokak the Demon had won "and now Rat I dalm you to my kingdom, Hell"

It was Black for a while, I felt like I was falling but I could not see, but then as if I were sitting even though I still felt like I was falling a man in a suit and cane with eyes which seemed to burn through my very soul came up to me and simply smiled but then frowned as several strange beings began chanting around him and he said "We shall see about that" I suddenly felt as if I was falling upwards or flying almost towards a light when all of the sudden I hit the ground with a thud. "aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! I yelled as I sat up. it seemed that my body had been lying in the desert but for how long? I was covered in dust. Then I looked toward the heavens and understood. I had been saved not for Heaven, but for Purgatory, here on earth, dalmed to walk the earth for all eternity with no entrance to heaven or Hell.

Keep in mind this is slightly altered from what actually happened on the server, I just cannot remember the exact words me and Vokak said but it is very close to what happened. the ending did not happen either, it was just so it made sense that my character was still actually wandering the wasteland today. And to Vokak, great roleplay, I had fun with it.

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PostSubject: Re: Fighting for my soul against Vokak the Demon   Fri May 15, 2015 4:51 pm

Great story <3
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PostSubject: Re: Fighting for my soul against Vokak the Demon   Fri May 22, 2015 4:41 pm

Oh that!

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PostSubject: Re: Fighting for my soul against Vokak the Demon   

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Fighting for my soul against Vokak the Demon
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