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 Player Report Format

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PostSubject: Player Report Format   Fri May 10, 2013 1:26 am

Alright, so you want to report a player You can report someone if:
- They have broken a serious rule.
- They have abused their privileges (VIP, etc).
A few tips:
- Please try and avoid reporting minor rulebreaks, although we'd like to deal with any player who breaks the rules, this is very impractical. Please try to only report serious rule breaks.
- Evidence helps, we have server text logs but they only go so far.
- Refuse to communicate via voice with theplayer. Voice chat is not logged, if you force them to use text chat we can see the entire conversation.
-A member of the staff or one of equal rank will "claim" your thread, they will then conduct any inquiries they need to, this could include asking you questions about the incident in the thread, contacting the defendant for their side of the story, contacting other witnesses or players involved, or checking the servers logs. When they have finished they will post the decision they have come to in your report, and lock it.
Possible decisions include:
- The banning/warning of the player.
- Removal of privileges (respected, etc).
- Invalid report (the defendant didn't actually do anything wrong).

Can other people post in my report?:
-Yes, but if and only if they are providing a substantial and relevant opinion. If you feel they are not posting a relevant or substantial opinion, or that they are being offensive towards you, please report the posts.

If my report is unsuccessful, can I try again?:
-No. The only exception to this is if you have obtained/come across new evidence which could significantly alter the decision made by the staff.

How can I collect good evidence?:
-Nearly everything that happens to you in-game is logged in your console (key below Escape on your keyboard), you can copy and paste excerpts from the console into your report, which can then validated by cross-referencing with server logs.
-Screenshots can be taken either through Steam via F12, (images saved to garrysmod/screenshots). These can be included in your post using [img] tags.
-Videos can be recorded using the "gm_video" command in-game, or with Fraps or other screen recording software. They should be uploaded to YouTube or other video hosting site, and then linked to in your post.

Can I make an anonymous report?
Yes, you may send the above format in a Personal Message to a member of the staff, they will then attempt to deal with the report as normal without revealing your identity, however in some cases it may be very easy for the defendant to guess who made the report.

Apeal format:

Title for thread should be: Player abuse report (players name here)


Your SteamID:
Your RP Name:

Their SteamID:
Their RP Name:

Date of incident:
Time of incident (HH:MM 24hr):
Time Zone:

Please explain exactly what happened from start to finish:
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Player Report Format
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