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 Server Down for Movement.

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PostSubject: Server Down for Movement.   Fri Aug 28, 2015 2:14 am

Some of you might believe that as of recently, the PostnukeRP server has been crashing a lot, however, this is not the case. The fact of the matter is that the server is restarting itself after it hits over 2500MB of memory usage. This is a lot of memory, but understandable considering the amount of content we have on the server. Thus, the only way to fix this is to upgrade the server from a single managed game server to a full on Dedicated server. What that means is that I have to reinstall the server again and right now I'm working with NFO to make sure we can keep our IP Address. Hopefully it will be on the same IP, but it might not. It might not be fully up until tomorrow, or later today, so the server will be down until then. Now as far as the actual server is concerned, nothing will appear to change as I ripped the entire server directory and I'll simply just re upload it, so there won't be any nasty issues like what happened the last two times we had to re-upload the server because the one we were using was wiped without warning (Thanks OVH).

Tl;DR: Server is going to be down for a good portion of the day on 8/28/2015 to fix constant restarts.

Also, since we're going to be using a dedicated server, we might be hosting other games or other servers. Right now we're considering running a modded ARK: Survival Evolved Server, but I'll post another announcement for that later.

Thank you for your patience, and thank you to our donators for allowing us to make this server upgrade possible. (Even virtual Dedicated servers are pricey)
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Server Down for Movement.
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