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 Panzer Corporation

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PostSubject: Panzer Corporation   Tue Sep 08, 2015 9:31 pm

What is the Panzer Corporation? The Panzer Corporation is a proud, hard working corporation with a dream to become the wastelands #1 choice of buying goods from! The corporation was founded in a town called 'Shady Sands', when two strangers both wearing Panzer riot armors sat together around a campfire and talked about their past. One of the strangers offered the other stranger 'Lukas Burnt' to found a corporation that would have hard working employee's and lot's of goods to sell to you, and that's how it will start! In the future we will be recruiting Prospectors, Mechanical Engineers, Researchers, Badasses, and Chefs to help build goods and rake in profits for the corporation! We know there is a lot of steps to take to get to the top, but we will never stop helping fellow buyers get what they need! And now a special message from the Co-founder, and CEO of the corporation, Lukas Burnt! "Greetings to everyone in the wasteland, we are a new founded corporation that is dedicated to sell goods, get profits, and reward our employee's for their hard work! Right now, our first goal is to build a vending machine which will soon rake in profits and sell all kinds of goods to you! We have much to do, so I must get back to work, have a good day people of the wasteland and buy Panzer Corporation goods!". We hope you enjoyed this message, and hopefully in the future become a proud, hard working employee for the Panzer Corporation, see you next time, and we will be posting job applications soon so stay tune!

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Panzer Corporation
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