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 [Suggestion] Securitron

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PostSubject: [Suggestion] Securitron   Thu Oct 01, 2015 7:40 pm

1C 3C R34 M. Thank You Sir. Please Enjoy You're Stay.

The Securitron is only one of the iconic robots in the fallout series. It appears in the game Fallout: New Vegas, aswell as in the DLC "Old World Blues". They were created mainly for the use of Mr. House, one of the possible outcomes of you're gaming experience during Fallout: New Vegas.

A securitron could be upgraded to the mark two security system if the platinum chip was found.
The securitron is able to take any types of ammo to power its secondary weaponry systems. (Turrets)
Very cheap, allowing for mass production.

You would have to create the platinum chip, which is very costly.
A securitron would have a rare chance to beserk, in which it would have to be killed and re-programmed.

Securitron Cost
2000 Scrap
1500 Small Parts
1000 Chemicals
1 Wheel
5 Electronic Boards

Platinum Chip Cost
1000 Scrap
6000 Small Parts
7500 Chemicals

The Platinum chip would have unlimited use, but would at times not be able to be able to be placed into the Securitron.

A Securitron has two modes-
Neutral (What normally happens on the strip)
Provoked (Quite Obvious)

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[Suggestion] Securitron
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