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 [Denied]Removal of ban (EMPOLEON) Just read it '-_-

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Captain Starr

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PostSubject: [Denied]Removal of ban (EMPOLEON) Just read it '-_-   Fri Oct 09, 2015 1:17 am

Apeal format:

Title for thread should be: Removal of ban (your name here)

Server: Post nuke Razz

Your SteamID: STEAM_0:0:120739205

Your RP Name: Captain Starr

Date of incident: Every date you can imagine before this day.

Time of incident (HH:MM 24hr): 2 years ago where it started.

Time Zone: pacific

Please explain: Coront... I know what your thinking "What are you doing? Just wait for the new gamemode" I understand that Razz  -  Let me just explain the reasons why i think i deserve an unban. First, I know the rules and the only reason why my other accounts are banned because i was supposedly "EMPOLEON" . And the last rule i ever broke (Except making alts) was on my 2nd account when i took it too far when i was insulting/attacking some peeps illegally, no one was killed, and punishment should have been small scale. Second, I spent too much time and money to get this far and now its gone. Third, My ban was YEARS AGO! and yet there is grudges over me. Just let it go, forgive and let me play because i made an oath NOT TO BREAK RULES on my alts. Please, unban this account and i will assure you no rule breaking will happen.

If you have any evidence to support this report, please give it here:
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PostSubject: Re: [Denied]Removal of ban (EMPOLEON) Just read it '-_-   Fri Oct 09, 2015 5:41 am

Pretty sure half of the bans on your alts weren't because you were Empoleon, but because you actually broke a rule enough to get noticed and checked on. Either way, making alts several times to get around bans and spending probably over a hundred dollars to get past our bans is not justified. I think you can wait until Resurgence if you even deserve that. I remember on one of your alts you walked up to me and told me who you were, and on another you insulted several players when you started a random war on a member. That's what I gotta say about Empoleon, he should wait.
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PostSubject: Re: [Denied]Removal of ban (EMPOLEON) Just read it '-_-   Fri Oct 09, 2015 6:07 am

it's not even that he has alts

it's the fact that on every alt he made he pretty much went out the exact same way.

screaming at the end of an admit sit trying to give his stuff away before getting banned.
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PostSubject: Re: [Denied]Removal of ban (EMPOLEON) Just read it '-_-   Fri Oct 09, 2015 9:18 am

Jaime Lannister made an oath to protect the king but he killed him anyways.


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Fade Attano

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PostSubject: Re: [Denied]Removal of ban (EMPOLEON) Just read it '-_-   Fri Oct 09, 2015 10:42 am

I mean making alts and not making a proper ban appeal and then getting on the server without staff permission and going in the same direction is a -1 for me.
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PostSubject: Re: [Denied]Removal of ban (EMPOLEON) Just read it '-_-   Fri Oct 09, 2015 11:49 am

Empoleon. I hope you realize that your original offense isn't why you're perma-banned anymore. Let's say you didn't make alts, and you just made a ban appeal, we'd unban you.

But of course you had to make it complicated.

You made alts. CT Striker, Justkidding89, Riley the K9,  and a few more. CT Striker got banned for RDM and flaming on his ban appeal. We checked out his steam account, and noticed a couple things including past aliases. A couple of which being EMPOLEON and EMPOLEON(Birthday), so we banned you permanently. For Justkidding89 you used voice chat and we thought we recognized the voice. After some investigation (And you borderline admitting it to Bruce) we concluded it was you and banned you. Riley the K9 was ratted out by your cousin 2spooky, who was perma banned after he pulled this stunt(After he got banned for rdm x2):

Captain Starr was banned because you were being a sassy asshole when asked to change your name, and Jack Winters recognized your voice as Isiah Johnson. I did some investigation and figured out it was you on your Justkidding account (Ban list was wiped accidentally when we changed server host).
All of your alts were not banned because we were looking for you, but they were banned because you were sticking out like a sore thumb as if you wanted to be found. Even if the offenses you did as these alts were by different people, they'd be banned. You are literally getting yourself banned without us having to look for you. I'm guessing we've banned you multiple times on different accounts without even knowing it was you.

You can wait until Resurgence (If we decide to be kind enough to keep you unbanned there).

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PostSubject: Re: [Denied]Removal of ban (EMPOLEON) Just read it '-_-   

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[Denied]Removal of ban (EMPOLEON) Just read it '-_-
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