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 Enclave Tactical Assessment

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PostSubject: Enclave Tactical Assessment    Wed Oct 21, 2015 7:19 pm

Current Wasteland threat level: low-moderately low.
While the Enclave have not been deploying in force, they still have a minor presence within the wasteland. So far they have not committed any acts of terror against the average wastelander but they certainly have been targeting members of the Brotherhood and associated factions, we expect this is to soften us up for when they decide to preform a mass deployment.

Planned Response by the Brotherhood: We currently don't know enough about the Enclave that have committed these acts to preform any acts of retaliation, though we do have the location of one of their major airbases, we do not have the means of getting a large enough force to capture it there. For now, we will be observing and engaging any Enclave forces that we encounter.

How the wasteland should respond: Currently, this fight does not concern you very much, they have only deployed a token force whenever they do show up and they seem to be uninterested in lower tier factions, however, this will not be the case forever, from what we know about the Enclave, if they do have a large force hidden beyond our ability to detect them, they will escalate their presence and they will commit acts of terror. Unfortunately, most factions seem very uninterested with the Enclave threat. This cannot be the case when the Enclave escalate. While we certainly have enough manpower, technology, and allies to keep them at bay at this current level, eventually we will be outmatched, in which case we will leave the wasteland to its fate if the various factions of the wasteland still decides to ignore this clear threat. The Enclave need to be dealt with before its too late, if you have any intel on the Enclave, please deliver it to a member of the Brotherhood. While some of you will of course refuse to help us I hope that some of the more......civilized? No.....technologically advanced? Not really.....ah, yes, "progressed" factions will help during this time. And as for the NCR....you should understand what the Enclave mean for a....."Nation" like you...not only do they have technology, but they have numbers, and the ability to deploy these numbers faster than you can react, you WILL lose. Make the right choice.

This is Head Paladin Crucible signing out.

I'm just here to watch the memes.
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Enclave Tactical Assessment
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