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 The real problem with raiders. (It's not damage stats.)

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PostSubject: The real problem with raiders. (It's not damage stats.)   Mon Nov 09, 2015 2:35 pm

Ok, so after some time playing, I think I've figured out what's actually wrong with the raiders. (In my opinion.)

1: They relentlessly follow you across the map, and never lose interest.
- I've experienced this multiple times, and on several occasions, this has resulted in raiders following me and others into towns, after moving out of sight.

2: Infinite Sprinting.
- Raiders seems to be able to run forever without getting tired, which  makes escaping them near impossible for people without the means to fight them properly.

3: Breaking down doors.
- Human players can't do it, doesn't make much sense for a human NPC to be able to. (Or most NPCs for that matter. Should be reserved for bears, combine guards, mirelurks, etc.)

4: Spawning on top of people.
-This hasn't happened to me yet, but it's entirely possible considering this happens with many NPCs. If a raider spawns on top of you, there's literally no counter.

5: Camping.
- I walked into a building when I entered a town. When I walked out, a raider was literally crouching next to the doorway, and unloaded it's AR into me. Took a little over a second, with armor on, for me to die. I got defibbed, but if this camping is intended behavior, it could seriously fuck people over. A lot.

6: Headshots.
- This was touched on in the other topic. Headshots should be very rare, just for the sake of unarmored players not getting insta-killed every time they encounter a raider.

7: Backwards Zig-Zag running when attacked with melee weapons.
- Running backwards is a reasonable response to someone charging you with a melee weapon, but the Zig-Zagging is a bit much, especially considering just how hard it makes them to hit.

420: No Style.
-Raiders have bad fashion sense.

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PostSubject: Re: The real problem with raiders. (It's not damage stats.)   Mon Nov 09, 2015 5:27 pm

Completely agree, With the objection that number 420 is just an opinion.

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The real problem with raiders. (It's not damage stats.)
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