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 player-to-player IC consent agreement

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PostSubject: player-to-player IC consent agreement   Sun Aug 18, 2013 6:40 am

So~ I've had to explain my system of slavery a few more than a few times and it's led me to the idea of bringing something up thats a bit of a house-rule for me.

Whenever i buy or take in a slave, i allow them to know OOCly, that if they strongly do not want, as a player, to be a slave, then they're free to go. However if they are generally neutral towards the idea, or approve of the idea, then i'll take them and try and make it interesting for them.

Its typically applied to OOC situations that break server rules, people RDM eachother are 'simply fucking around' with no discontent towards one another, but I'm also advocating rule bending for IC situations as long as it meets some criteria
1: Both players (or all victimized parties) must agree (perhaps unanimously) to it
2: it must be beneficial to the roleplay

A typical situation i think this would fit is in the case of 'NLR'. In a typical scenario, my character would not aim to kill someone in a hostile situation, perhaps entrap, beat the hell out of, and/or intimidate someone who provoked her, but unfortunately when it's kind of difficult for me to tell if the next cut of the knife, or bit of physical trauma is going to kill someone and if anything i accidentally incapacitate them. I say to this person oocly that i waive the right of having NLR on certain conditions, He can have his revenge but it must be done in tasteful roleplay (and not just unloading a gun on me without any kind of warning) and ofcourse, no five-minute rule. If i intended to incapacitate, or we decide to go with an accident, then he Returns to IC at a spot I (or whoever gets control of his body) designate.

Just thought this was an interesting little bit that some of the IC junkies might want to apply towards their roleplay.
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PostSubject: Re: player-to-player IC consent agreement   Sun Aug 18, 2013 2:47 pm

This seems highly RP friendly, so I would approve of this.

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player-to-player IC consent agreement
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