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 Cultivator Questions.

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PostSubject: Cultivator Questions.   Wed Dec 09, 2015 3:40 pm

I have always wondered these things, and I have been given some answers, but I just want to know if they are true.

What does fertilizing your plant actually do?

What does the farming skill actually factor in to? Does it give you more fruit faster?

What do the water purifiers and airators do? Do they keep your plants pruned and watered for longer?

I am just curious about these things and I wish to maximize my effectiveness of growing crops. Smile

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Jeff Belinger

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PostSubject: Re: Cultivator Questions.   Wed Dec 09, 2015 6:33 pm

Fertilizing increases the speed at which your fruits grow, same for Farming skill i believe.
water purifiers steadily increases the hp of your plants and keeps them at 100% if they are there
Airators increases the duration of fertilizer

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Cultivator Questions.
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