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 Banned Permanently for RDM

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Kenneth Taylor


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PostSubject: Banned Permanently for RDM   Mon Mar 07, 2016 6:50 pm

I was banned for RDM it is a permanent ban. I was shooting at a super mutant and I was using an M4A1 and one of my bullets hit someone for 14 HP. So this guy came up to me when I was trading with (Leo Arc) he bought 3 stimpacks from me for 10 of each. I said I dident shoot him and I dident know I did until it was pulled from the logs and either way its 14 HP I would give him some healing items no big deal right ? that's what I thought... instead after I was paid by Leo I was in my inventory about to drop the stimpacks that were paid for. In that same moment I was shot dead by the guy that approached me while I was in my inventory and he said. "You shot my friend that's why I killed you" I said to him that I dident shoot him or at least I dident know I was only trying to help kill the super mutant not to try and kill anyone. he said "The spray on your gun caused you to hit him" I said well I dident mean to shoot him my bad. At this point this guy had taken all my loot so I had asked him to return it to me. He responded with a no... so I asked once more why did you shot me? He said "You shot my friend and we are in the same clan". At this point I'm like well now what there was no admins online (none that would respond to me) so I could report this and have it cleared up. The whole time I was asking him to return my loot he was being very rude so. I thought to myself if he had shot and killed me and will not return my loot as well as no admins that responded to my request then he had started a war with my clan small yet still a clan. now all the items that I had lost were the items that I spent my first 4 days on the sever earning. So I crafted a mac 10 and went to try and get my items back so. I shot him in the head and some other random guy that was not in there clan shot me. So after I lost all my hard earned loot I left the sever for a while to calm down cause at this point I was not having a good day so I joined back later thinking to myself ill just earn it back no big deal. Seconds later I was banned by Griffin john for RDM Forever. I do not remember the names of the player I shot by mistake or the players who shot me I was told by a few friends on the sever to submit a ban appeal on the fourm so here I am. I trust that who ever reads this that will make the right decision I dident not mean to cause the players or the server any grief if I did so. I think it was just a misunderstanding. Thank You.
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PostSubject: Re: Banned Permanently for RDM   Mon Mar 07, 2016 7:03 pm

Incorrect format. Please make a new ban appeal with it in mind.

You can find the correct format for ban appeals here: http://www.frostburnt.com/h8-ban-appeals

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Banned Permanently for RDM
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