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 Removal of ban (John Turner) [Expired]

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PostSubject: Removal of ban (John Turner) [Expired]   Fri Apr 01, 2016 9:42 pm

Server: Fallout decay

Steam ID:

Rp name: John Turner

Date of incident: march 30, 2016

Time of incident:

Time zone: Eastern

Length of ban: 60 days 12:23:35

Please explain exactly what happened from start to finish: i havn't played since march, 27 and the last time I logged off, the blue mercs were at war with 5 different factions. I was a member of the blue mercs with the name tyrone jamalkins, and all i did while being a blue merc was shoot people with red names. These wars may have not been justified by traditional means but i did what i was told, but in all my time playing as a blue merc, i have never baited nor told anyone to press "e" on any crate, but 3 days after I logged out I get banned, and 2 days after I get banned I find out that I was banned, and what really bothered me was the reason of banning which was "exploiting" as i read this I was confused, because I dont recall ever exploiting on my alt at all. I did however see some of my faction members doing this, I did not report it, I see that was a poor decision on my part, if i had reported it, non of this wouldve happened, and maybe nobody would have got banned. I am guilty of not reporting it, but I am not guilty for commiting it. I dont expect my two month to be let up completely, but if the admin that placed it upon me would shorten it by just a little I will be very gratful, and I shall never be a blue merc ever again.

Ps. I will post the Steam ID as soon as I can. The reason i cannot post it right now is because I am using a phone to type this
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Removal of ban (John Turner) [Expired]
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