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 [Denied] Moderator Application (Gershio)

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PostSubject: [Denied] Moderator Application (Gershio)   Sun Apr 24, 2016 6:25 pm

In-game Name: Gershio

Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:77999930

Have you donated: No sir.

Where are you from/time zone: Denver

How long have you played: I have been apart of this community since February!

How did you hear about FF: I joined randomly one day and immediately fell in love.

How old are you: 17

Do you have a microphone: Yessir

Do you know any of our Moderators/Admins: I am friends with most admins including these peeps: Leon Price, De Luca, Mr. Chacon, Coront, Crucible and Mike Nespo.

Have you played on any of our other servers: Just the only server I know: Frostburnt

Have you ever been banned from one of our servers? If so, why? (Do not lie about this, doing so can ruin your chance of getting moderator. If you cannot remember the reason, note this, and we will look through our logs to find out.): To my knowledge, I have not been legitimately banned in-game. I think I have been banned as a joke though.

Why you wish to be Moderator: I have grown to adore this server and I have experience in the admin field. Most of my friends in the server are staff and it'd be nice to be equal to my peers. There has been multiple times in my time within the server where I have seen someone break rules and wished I could do something about it myself. Maybe it's just my inner vigilante or my inner admin but I always feel obligated to fix whats wrong. Sadly at my current state, I cannot take action against people or certain events without getting in trouble (may I add that there has not been an incident where I have taken something into my own hands within the server as just a player).

What can you offer for us as an Moderator: I have experience within the field of admining and I always take my job seriously but I do understand when staff or players wanna be memes and just want some jokes. I also HIGHLY encourage criticism. I have never broken any rules to my knowledge and I plan on keeping it that way.

Anything else you want to add: Me, Leon, and De Luca, Crucible have talked about my anger and how in some cases it has gotten the best of me. I fully admit that I have gotten angry in the past and did some extreme events. However its always been more personal and I have been working on it. Let it be known however that I WILL NOT let my anger affect my work as a staff member regardless of what rank I am. As I stated I take my work very seriously and I refuse to let my anger ruin a possible position of power in staff. I have talked to Leon and Crucible and they support me on this along with a few other staff and players.
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PostSubject: Re: [Denied] Moderator Application (Gershio)   Sun Apr 24, 2016 6:37 pm

+1 Just exactly what Crucible just said. Give it a try. bounce

[i]"I've been asked, how our story ends. But how can it. How can we possible find resolution after so much has happened. The war is over, but the fires , burn on and in time, our voyage will become history and our action will become a legend. The chapters, that we have written are part of a greater act. As we depart our separate ways, we return to friends and to family. We would return home. The sun rises, welcoming us as a new day begins. But victory is not achieved without sacrifice. We leave behind wreathes of our journey. They were lost, so that we may prevail. Yet, even as we lose all else, we retain hope, that our sacrifice were for a purpose. And that others will live on to remember them. The stories continue is because... it is the combination of many. Every character gives and takes of them. It help shape and change it. The choices we make we ensure it's immortality. Our adventure maybe over, but our stories live on through everyone we shared with.
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PostSubject: Re: [Denied] Moderator Application (Gershio)   Sun Apr 24, 2016 7:58 pm

Quoting in case of edits.

I'm going to have to put this on hold for now as I'm not very confident in your temperament based on my interactions with you. Now I do understand that you talked with De Luca about this and you are working to improve this and it is starting to show when I talked to you recently, but it is far too soon to say whether or not you would make a good staff member, so until then I'm locking this. As long as I don't hear any more about how "Gershio has lost his cool" like I have very commonly in the past month or two,  then maybe we'll see.

EDIT: Permanently denied based on your reaction to this decision. Trying to beg Chacon and I in private and then saying you're goign to leave because of it just goes to show that you haven't even begun to change and also shows very low maturity on your part. Please refrain from posting any future mod apps. Thank you.
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PostSubject: Re: [Denied] Moderator Application (Gershio)   

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[Denied] Moderator Application (Gershio)
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