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 [Bug] Annoying ass lag before death

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PostSubject: [Bug] Annoying ass lag before death   Fri Jun 10, 2016 2:57 pm

Alright I have been wanting to post about this for quite some time now, for the longest time I thought it was just me, but I have been asking a few others and the same thing happens to them.. its really annoying and needs to be fix as it is game breaking and making this wonderful gamemode unplayable.

So in the videos you can see I am getting shot at and right as I hit somewhere around 70 health or so my game completely freezes, it is not just this map it happens everywhere.

- Lol I couldn't get past the walls because I got stuck on some invisible object..

I have been thinking for a long time it was the stupid near-death filter that is applied to your screen when you reach a certain amount of health, other than that I really have no clue at the moment. Also when I get revived the same thing happens, my game freezes for about 10 seconds.

- cherry plox fix


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[Bug] Annoying ass lag before death
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