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 [Suggestion(s)] Some stuff I had sitting around for a while

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PostSubject: [Suggestion(s)] Some stuff I had sitting around for a while   Sun Jul 03, 2016 6:47 pm

Alright, so I've had some stuff I've always have wished had been implemented in the server and I thought I'd pitch them.

I've noticed that we have models for items from Fallout: New Vegas in the spawnmenu, you can even spawn them in as props. I had always wondered why the food items in specific had not been implemented, such as Instamash, Cram, Dandy Boy Apples, Fancy Lads Snack Cakes, so on so forth. I think having these as a scavengable would be pretty awesome, some could even be cooked by cultivators (which, as a person who has played on the cultivator class for 6-7 months straight, I think would really give more usefullness to the class).

Gunpowder has always been in shortage ever since missiles have been implemented. People seem to sell gunpowder from 5 of each up to (the most I have seen,) 20 of each. Gunpowder is pretty easy to make home made in real life, so I thought maybe you could just craft it. If that seems a little too overpowered, you could just make it need a component (such as such as coal, sulfur, potassium nitrate, etc) that you could find scavenging (or for the coal or sulfur, you could get from miners). It would make sense for either a scientist or engineer to craft it.

I think that it kind of sucks that ballistic weapons get all the attachments. I understand that most of the attachments are from the addons original content, aswell as most of the weapons themselves. You like those energy and pulse weapons, right? They're pretty fun to use, but of course most cost a fair bit of money just to use for a while. I've noticed that not a single one of them can use any form of attachments. It's kind of a bummer. As a person who has played Fallout: New Vegas, I know that the energy weapons get their own attachments; some that increase damage, fire rate, weight (though I doubt that would be implementable, unless it was a craftable thing that just costs the weapon and a few extra resources (Actually, that sounds like a pretty good idea)), etc. It would make sense for this to be craftable by scientists.

So, we all love it when we scavenge, and scavenge, and scavenge, and we all love it when ANY form of item drops from the bus or car we're digging shit out of, right? Well, you're not alone. I love finding things like Wheels, fuel pods, pulse cores, etc. But I love finding Jet the most. It's usable for a multitude of things, exploring the map, finding scavengables, raiders, or people. It's also not bad to apply just before PVP. It's not too hard to acquire either, but It doesn't last for that long. I wish it lasted for 3.5-5 minutes. It just seems a little too expensive for the amount of time it's useful.

Fifth and finally.
I'm just gonna say it. Buffout. It's pretty damn useful when you least expect it. It's great for melee build in any fallout game, aswell as light builds. It's great for doing extra melee damage, aswell as carrying more space when you just want to keep those legendary items that will sell for just a few more caps. I think it could be implemented with the following stats: Increases melee damage equivalent to 2-3 extra strength, aswell as carrying space. Lasts somewhere between 5-8 minutes. Costs somewhere between 10/10/30 to 25/25/80 to craft. Weighs 0.5-1.0.

Well that's just about it. Please let me know what you think of these ideas, I put a lot of thought into it and would love for them to be implemented.
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PostSubject: Re: [Suggestion(s)] Some stuff I had sitting around for a while   Sun Jul 03, 2016 6:53 pm

Not bad ideas, but im pretty sure they'll be implemented in Resurgence (If it ever comes out, Amirite??)


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[Suggestion(s)] Some stuff I had sitting around for a while
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