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 Is this a reason to declare war?

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PostSubject: Is this a reason to declare war?   Sat Dec 10, 2016 3:15 am

My small group has been getting threats of destruction, and threats of war, by a person named Skull. Here is the situation:
Yesterday my group was in the vault on gm postnuke nodust, or whatever map that is. We were being raided by a few people. Serena was in our vault at the time. During this raid she wanted to leave, but we said no, as opening a fading door would mean we die. She began hitting near us, at us, and threatening to attack us. Because of this, I escorted her downstairs and locked a door, telling her to stay put (after warning her to stop attacking us.) She then changed classes to leave the vault 2 or 3 min later and we ended up dieing.

Today I'm walking around on gm_atomic, laggy af, after getting betrayed by two clan members. Skull walks up with serena and demands I apologize for "kidnapping her." I refuse and, out of fear, get in my car and drive away. Skull began to put on t51b while threatening me, as serena shoots at my car. I called a sit and gaster verified serena shot at my car with a recharger pistol. Serena then claims it was accidental and they were being attacked by raiders. The sit went nowhere so it ended.

Once my friend in my group, Robbie Rotten (Billy Mays) joined, Skull began talking crap to him. Telling him this and that about me, saying he needs to "keep his head low" and that he should betray me and join him. Skull now wants to declare war on me for this. I hate when I get baited, and I feel like this situation was an attempt to drag the Tunnel Dwellers into drama and war. All we do is gather food and progress. I've only had a few negative encounters with a few negative people.

To Skull: I don't want any problems but I refuse to apologize. I apologize to YOU for any misunderstandings, but I refuse to apologize to Serena. I just want to progress through the game. I don't want war or anything. Hell, the best gear I have is an exosuit with a chinese assault rifle. Everybody else in my group is either poor as dirt or inactive. You would be fighting a war against one or two people, IF that. Is it really worth it?
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PostSubject: Re: Is this a reason to declare war?   Sat Dec 10, 2016 3:22 am

First of all: What Serena did wasn't allowed, as she can't just change classes to get out of a raid. So everything involving her is pretty much null and void. Second of all, Skull can't do any harm to you by threatening you as long as you don't retaliate back. Skull is unable to declare war on you, as the RP reason that would've even justified that is void. Speak to me in-game (Torres,Gen. Arlo Bryant, Warran) if you have any other questions, or reach out to me on our Teamspeak: frostburnt.ts.nfoservers.com You can also add me on the Steam name "Warandally".
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Is this a reason to declare war?
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