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 Removal of Ban (Oz Gervas) [ACCEPTED]

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Oz Gervas


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PostSubject: Removal of Ban (Oz Gervas) [ACCEPTED]   Sat Jul 08, 2017 4:58 am

Server: Fallout RP

Your SteamID: STEAM_0:0:52427432

Your RP Name: Oz Gervas

Date of incident: 7/8/17

Time of incident (HH:MM 24hr): 05:22

Time Zone: PST

Length of Ban: 1 week

Please explain exactly what happened from start to finish: I joined the server with a group of friends. I met a few friendly players who explained the game to me and I wanted to play some more. One of my friends, a rather mingy individual, tried to rdm a guy several times early on when we joined, i did swing at the guy with fists when my friend told me he was being attacked but I didn't hit the guy. The staff member who banned me, Kathe Wohlfahrt, was there at the time of my "attempt" at defending my friend. Prior to that the same thing happened with my friend saying he was getting attacked so i fired at the guy shooting at him. Later on our group of four was given a box of stim packs by a friendly scavenger, One of us took two and as a result was attacked by another member of our group. One attacked the other and was banned, then the one who took an extra stimpack was banned and unbanned, then I, after standing there watching, was also banned for reason Minge. The same staff member was there at this incident and I guess assumed all of us involved were going to be trouble when in reality we just had a group dispute. Strangely enough he didn't ban our fourth guy and unbanned one of the guys who did the killing. If i had been involved in any rdm I would accept the ban but i was banned for just being around people who killed one another.

If you have any evidence to support this report, please give it here: Uncut final 5 mins before I was banned. (ERROR, Could not post links as I am still a new member, if this appeal gets claimed I'll gladly send the video to the staff member through PM's or steam.)
Note, when i pointed my gun it was at my friend and was mainly meant for intimidation, I wasn't actually going to shoot him. Unfortunately i do not have video of me swinging at the guy early on or me shooting at the guy as I don't think that shadowplay can record that far back.

Hope I get unbanned I really liked the server. Had mostly friendly players and cool systems.
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PostSubject: Re: Removal of Ban (Oz Gervas) [ACCEPTED]   Sun Jul 09, 2017 7:01 pm

This was cleared up and he was unbanned.
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Removal of Ban (Oz Gervas) [ACCEPTED]
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