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 PAC Rules

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Mike Nespo
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PostSubject: PAC Rules   Mon Oct 09, 2017 1:33 am

Character Customization - PAC3    
You can craft a item in the game to use Player Appearance Customizer, otherwise known as "PAC3". With this tool you can build any character you want, but like with bases try and keep it reasonable. Please do not use trails or sun beams. Exploiting PAC in any way, which includes but is not limited to making yourself invisible, giant or adding giant props will result in an instant unwarned kick. Repeated offense will result in a ban. Please refrain from using models from custom addons off the workshop. If someone else does not have the content, they will see a huge flashing error. if you see other's with custom models, they have taken extra steps to make that possible. Please refer to the PAC "help" section to learn how to do this.          
[1] Do not alter your hitbox.
[2] Do not change your playermodel to anything other than a human model (meaning no Super Mutants, Protectrons, etc)
[3] Do not use sunbeams.
[4] Do not use giant props.
[5] PAC parts are only to be used on your player and your possessions.
[6] Sounds are permitted, as long as you know and understand how to use "sound levels" properly. If someone can hear your sound from far away, you need to remove it until you learn how to use them properly.
[7] Do not spam sounds or music.
[8] Changing your player into inanimate objects or into a position that hides you is not permitted. (Ex: Solid Snake "cardboard box" PACs are not allowed.)
[9] Do not make yourself transparent or invisible under any circumstance. Violators of this rule will have PAC immediately revoked.
[10] "Effects" are prohibited unless the user knows and understands how to use them properly.
[11] "Trails" are prohibited unless the user knows and understands how to use them properly.
[12] Using the PAC camera to see through walls will result in immediate removal of PAC from user and possible suspension from server.
[13] You cannot PAC yourself as wearing in-game armors that are items unless you are wearing an armor better than the one you are pacing as. For example, you cannot PAC yourself as wearing a T60 if you're wearing T-51. You can pac yourself as wearing T-51 if you're wearing a T60. This is for obvious reasons. However, you can PAC on PIECES of an armor (IE: Leg plates, Chestplates, Arm pieces, etc.). This only counts for pieces of body armor, you still have to wear the helmet.
[14]Some armors  that are not currently implemented as items in the gamemode are not  allowed to be used for Pac. This includes but is not limited to: Hellfire, Chinese Stealth Suit,  and X-01. Please ask a staff member if an armor that is not an item may be used for pac beforehand.
[15] You  may PAC on event armors if you own them and have them in your inv. Do not lie about owning one.
[16] You cannot use publicly released PACs, such as CapsAdmin PACs, example PACs, and PACs that people release on Youtube that are widely used. Be original, make your own PAC like everyone else.
[17] Using PACs that were given to you by a faction after you left/ or were kicked out is not allowed. You may even possibly be killed for this

Please only wear PACs that are RP friendly. This means that you should only wear PACs that look post apocolyptic. If you are unsure about your PAC contact a Super Admin or higher.
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PAC Rules
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