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 Removal Ban of Zenroid/Slime Slump God

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PostSubject: Removal Ban of Zenroid/Slime Slump God   Mon Nov 13, 2017 1:35 am

Server: Fallout: Decay

Your SteamID: STEAM_0:1:57394240

Your RP Name: I forgot.

Date of incident: 28/07/17

Time of incident (HH:MM 24hr): 2:33 PM

Time Zone: Pacific Standard

Length of Ban: Forever

Please explain exactly what happened from start to finish: I was looking over Mike Nespo taking care of an admin sit in-game, he was dealing with one of the most nicest people on the server I thought was at the time, and I was very annoyed about how Mike Nespo was treating him during the sit. As he kept putting him into the air and dropping him, killing him. But that was only because he was being denial and was running away from the sit. Obviously that is a massive no no. But me being annoyed by that, I kept saying to Mike, "You're literally abusing your powers right now, just freeze him. You don't even need to keep being an asshole, killing him." Mike was irritated by my disrespect, he told me if I stood by harassing him, he'd ban me. So I left the server in general. I have Mike on Steam, he then messaged me, bringing back the situation, and then irritating me in Steam Messages. I told him to "fuck off." and kept harassing him, but that is ONLY because Mike escalated the situation AGAIN through messages when I didn't care about it anymore. We both went back and fourth with each other, harassments and such. I took it a tad too far, bringing back old rumors about how he "cried for staff" and how "he's bias as hell plays the favoritism card when in staff situations". He then took it to Warran, not sure why, but he did. And Warran took it into his hands and banned me in-game. I felt bad, and didn't mean to get that angry that afternoon. So I wanted to apologize. Me and Warran and Mike made a Steam Chat Group, talked in voice chat, I apologized through the mic to Mike and Warran for wasting their time and for the insults. Warran said he will take note of the apology but he wanted to keep me banned to make me learn my lesson. I still have both added I believe on Steam, as I totally understood where Warran was coming from. Warran and Mike said to make an Appeal in about a month or two.

If you have any evidence to support this report, please give it here: You could ask Warran or Mike
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Mike Nespo
Staff Manager
Staff Manager

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PostSubject: Re: Removal Ban of Zenroid/Slime Slump God   Mon Nov 13, 2017 1:30 pm

I just want to bring up the things you did wrong here. I was handling a sit with a new player that absolutely did not care to be on the server. That new player was killed in town and ran back throwing his hands attempting to kill me because I killed him for threatening members of my faction. Then I physgun him out telling him he cant come back and break NLR and he also cant RDM because he died. Then after me telling him 3 times not to return he does it again so I pick him up and drop him from the sky and then he falls down and dies. Then I told him for the fourth time not to return but he yet again returns and then I start getting annoyed and I start yelling at him. Of course, he doesnt listen so I begin banning him until you come along and enter my admin sit and start yelling at me about how I am abusing (First thing you did wrong was run up to an admin sit without the admins consent) and I told you what happened and I told you if you felt like I was abusing in anyway you can put an abuse report. Then you start telling me over and over about how I am the worst staff member on the server and I tell you to leave the sit but you don't listen. I told you it was my ruling because I am a staff member controlling the sit and you tell me I should not be a staff member then you leave.

I steam message you to not be an asshole in sits and I did tell you that you were a dick for that. You go off and start saying "You are a baby bitch and you cried for staff" "Everyone will hear all those rumors" "Yummy has recordings of you bitching and crying" "It will ruin you". So that is when I went to Waran and discussed it with him and he simply said "Ban" so I did and then you were banned. If you do not have the chat logs of what you sent me I believe I do and I will post them when I get the chance but that's if you don't mind. Anyways, I don't feel like you should come back but that's just my opinion. You had a short fuse upon interupting my sit and argued with me about how I staffed. I am willing to talk to you on steam again and my opinion is subject to change. I would like to talk to you again when you are free.
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PostSubject: Re: Removal Ban of Zenroid/Slime Slump God   Tue Nov 14, 2017 7:14 pm

It should be clear that you shouldn't mess with admins/mods when they are doing a sit let alone harass them.

P.S. Trying to be the "white knight" before trying to understand the situation is a tad bit irrational on your part.

Monk Robes are Best:
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PostSubject: Re: Removal Ban of Zenroid/Slime Slump God   

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Removal Ban of Zenroid/Slime Slump God
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