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 Urgently need help - Models and Errors

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PostSubject: Urgently need help - Models and Errors   Mon Nov 13, 2017 1:10 pm

Sidenote: Not sure if this is the proper thread topic I should put this under, if it is not I request it to be moved to it, please. Smile

Well yesterday I was having a weird issue with PAC like I always was, couldn't move camera properly so I had to do it from behind..I tried fixing that yesterday and did a factory reset on garrysmod then uninstalled and reinstalled, and unsubscribed to all workshops.

I got ALL of the content for the server, and the pnrp_content.zip extracted properly and all that..
Yet I'm still getting errors..Certain cars are errors, T51b body is an error, and when people spawn vertibirds they're errors for me but when I spawn one I can see it..Wut? Edit: This guys vertibird now I can see it, but I don't know if it was because he might have spawned it next to me.

If anyone can help me I'd be so grateful. This is very troublesome. Any ideas anyone has, please post em here.
I have a feeling you guys have some other basic subscribed workshops that a lot of you guys already had or something on your workshop, please suggest any that may have something to do with the models t-51b uses, or vehicles, maybe other fallout ones not in the content workshop list. Throw anything at me, doesn't hurt to try.

Also, I have verified the integrity thing on my garrysmod multiple times, and triple check I had all the content.

-Matthew Teknix

EDIT 11/13 6:34 PM - It appears I fixed the T51 problem, and I'm almost certain that I fixed the vertibird issue. So far so good with everything. Will edit if I run into any more errors, but I'm pretty sure I covered most of everything earlier, over a hour or two of working on a fix.

6:38 PM - Actually I just saw errors flying so not good news.

7:19 Apparently when someone spawns a vertibird off my screen, it's an error, but if they or I spawn one next to me, I can see it.
Can't see the new helicoptors and shit either.

Edit2 11/17: I am pretty sure it's fixed now
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Urgently need help - Models and Errors
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