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 A message to all players...

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Mike Nespo
Staff Manager
Staff Manager

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PostSubject: A message to all players...   Fri Dec 15, 2017 11:18 am

I have something that I have been wanting to say for such a long time. I understand that there is a huge gap between staff and players and there is sometimes even gaps between players and players and even staff between staff. It is all of our jobs as a community to come together and talk about these gaps and problems.

    It has come to my understanding that players are afraid that staff is out to get them for every little thing which is not true. Players are so afraid that they refuse to go to staff for any problems they may have and even goto a point of spreading rumors that most staff members are biased. I am not here to tell you that all staff is 100% unbiased because I don't know that for sure but I am here to tell all of you players as a player and as a staff manager that our staff is not against you. We do not get paid for this job we volunteer for it to help you and make your time on the server an enjoyable place.

    Something I ask of all of you players is that when a problem arises of staff supposedly being biased in events or in general situations that you go talk to me or those staff members. This is where that gap comes in, players see something questionable in game and think immediately "That's biased" but in reality, they are not in the Teamspeak channel with the staff to hear any reasoning for the questionable actions and instead of asking that staff member why they did say questionable action they goto their other friends and spread rumors and that is when staff constantly get a bad name. It's not just me either... Our past staff has had this same issue and even our present staff has had this issue. Don't believe me? Ask past staff like Brigadier General Bacon and he will tell you how much he was called biased over small situations. The players always think that staff who are in Phoenix Company are going to treat players in factions they don't like worse than anyone else. FALSE.

    This happens to me on a day to day basis and I have learned to ignore it as it comes because no one will ever ask questions they just take it upon themselves to start rumors. I held an event and gave SFC Sebastion 2 plates and he is in my faction which yea does look kind of biased and I get called biased because of it but no one asks questions as to why he was given that and the staff in the channel who suggested him to get an extra plate knew that he died in power armor which led up to him getting a plate plus an extra plate as a reward. RP McMurphy got 1 plate and 2 presents even though he didn't lose power armor he got a big win out of this event which was the best reward.  Anyway, I get called biased because I gave Sebastian 2 plates and Murphy 1 and this is what I mean about the huge gap of communication between staff and players. I simply ask players either to keep what they say to themselves or find out what actually is happening instead of assuming stuff. Remember, Staff can ultimately stop running events in general if they feel like they are being mistreated but they don't because they want to make YOU the players happy. I simply just ask all of you to be grateful that these staff members get on and take time out their days to do stuff for all of you. The staff works hard on events too so if you have something to say about it don't be rude, Give constructive criticism. Also, here is how I look at event rewards. If the staff member wants to give someone extra equipment for whatever reason don't flip out because you got something less because at the end of the day the staff member puts his or her time and effort in events and deserve to kick whoever they want out or reward whoever they want WITHIN REASON OF COURSE.

    I am not writing this for just myself either, I am writing this for all of the staff who feel unappreciated. We have a lack of staff so these people are working as much as they can to handle your issues and to host events just to make the server have a fun atmosphere but sometimes the players make it hard for them to actually work on stuff. I also get that there is staff in my faction but that does not change how they do their job. I am going to be honest and say I dislike some players in the community and I guarantee every staff member can say the same but that still won't change our opinion when we handle sits or give event rewards. So in all, I ask all of you players to simply do me and my staff a favor and talk to them when you can even give your opinions on them and start asking questions when things look biased to you. I may even be updating event rules and such and having a sit down with staff this weekend to talk about stuff and I will even be hosting Frostburnts first community meeting sometime next week for everyone to attend to speak about their issues that they have. Take this post as a rant if you would like but im genuinely trying to put a message out there about this issue.

~Mike Nespo Staff Manager
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John Howitser
Super Admin
Super Admin

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PostSubject: Re: A message to all players...   Fri Dec 15, 2017 3:39 pm

I would agree with Nespo on this if you guys have any real complaints about staff talk to the staff member in question most will try to improve upon good feedback. If they don't improve on it and it becomes a real issues then post a topic on the forums about it. While I can't confirm that you won't get flamed abit if it's a valid issues it will usually be handled accordingly.
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PostSubject: Re: A message to all players...   Fri Dec 15, 2017 4:39 pm

John Howitser wrote:
I would agree with Nespo on this if you guys have any real complaints about staff talk to the staff member in question most will try to improve upon good feedback. If they don't improve on it and it becomes a real issues then post a topic on the forums about it. While I can't confirm that you won't get flamed abit if it's a valid issues it will usually be handled accordingly.

WOOOOW!!! Typical.... Another Phoenix member defending another phoenix member BIAAAAASS!!11111 bet you give each other better rewards as well.

On a more serious note tho...

I personally appreciate everything you guys in the staff team do, even if it's something "small" as a little RP bar where you hand out alcohol and let the players gamble away their hard earned resources and items or if you guys on the staff team are hosting something "big" as a huge RP event with awesome rewards. Or even if it's handling a simple admin sit ( for real tho there is no simple admin sits these days but you get the point )

Sure myself have sometimes questioned why some rewards have been handed out to certain people, I have also questioned why some "punishments" are lesser for certain people, I have also questioned why some "players" get treated a certain way. But at the end of the day, we and you guys on the staff team are not more than humans, and humans have "opinions" ( Oh no someone having an opinion ) about certain "players" and that's totally fine. At the end of the day, no one is "unbiased" everyone has a little "bias" in them and that little "bias" is always gonna come to play whatever you like it or not and that's a fact.

Sure I have had my "opinion" behind certain people's back. But at the same time, I have no problem saying it to their face when needed as well. And I'm pretty sure I'm not the only culprit here going around having "opinions" about both "players and "staff". ( Big rant right here rawr :v )

And my personal totally "biased" opinion is to stop this whole "bias" menace that's going on right now is to create a more "diverse" staff team, and with this said what I mean is bring in more "baiters", "traders", "roleplayers" into the staff team so we can get a more "diverse opinion" and not just listen to ourselves echoing inside the chamber. And also not make "decisions" without somewhat consulting the "baiter staff", "trader staff", "roleplayer staff" to get a different view on the sit as a whole. ( You probably do this to somewhat extent already but you know can always do it more :^) )

But at the end of the day, I appreciate the time and effort you guys in the staff team do and put into the server to make it a better place for just us "players". ( And trust me I wouldn't spend at least 8+ hours on the server on a daily basis if you didn't )

Another thing I also would like to point out is the "staff team" itself. At this point it doesn't really feel like we got a staff team that have their final verdict respected, because almost EVERYTIME a decision is made about something it always gets overruled by Nightmare ( I'm not saying this in a bad way, or at least I'm not trying to) but how I see it now is pretty much like this SEE BELOW

Admin 1 makes a decision about Player 1 and Player 2 situation.
Player 2 doesn't like the outcome of admin sit handled by Admin 1.
Player 2 goes to Admin 2 and explains his problem with admin sit handled by Admin 1.
Admin 2 goes to Nightmare talks with him for a bit, says some stuff out of context and within context.
Nightmare makes the final decision and overrules Admin 1 at the favour of Admin 2 and Player 2.
Player 1 just lost his "admin sit" because Player 2 simply couldn't take Admin 1 verdict.

And sure sometimes it's good to get a final verdict from Nightmare when it's a really complicated situation that needs to be handled quickly, or simply a situation that can't be handled by "staff team". But running to Nightmare everytime you don't like the outcome of something is kinda... Meh? ( Some people may agree with me here and say "YES I've experienced this" while another hand of players might say "NAH I've never seen this happen" )

I've seen this happen quite a lot in the past and now, and it got me wondering why we even have a staff team if everything is just going through one guy and being judged by one guy in the end. ( Not saying this goes for EVERY admin sit simply just pointing out this happens more then some people like to admit ) all though I understand sometimes Nightmare needs to have the final word, but it is really dumb to get everything overruled just because you don't like the outcome of an admin sit. This pretty much makes the staff nothing but a "marathon runner" who has to make it first to Nightmare in order for their "words to be heard" so to say. ( All this is my personal opinion and experience ) My point with this is pretty much I miss the old days where Staffs word was kind of final and didn't get brought up to every single person in the chain of command, where staffs final decision was somewhat respected and not neglected and brought up through the chain of command simply because why not it's worth a shot getting it overruled in my favour.
( Even tho getting a second look on an admin sit from a different staff is good to make sure the verdict is fair and not overruled by someone because a certain staff reached the goal first so to say )

And also I personally haven't really held back ( from my knowledge at least ) when I see questionable things going on. And I also have no problem questioning the questionable things going on.

So keep the good work up, keep doing what you're doing and you guys in the staff team will row this boat in the land after all.

And yes I know I somewhat made a few repetitive and dare I say "dull" points but I hope whoever is reading this gets the message as a whole or something like that.

Also, I know this isn't like me to type these kinda stuff out but I felt the "echo chamber" deal has been going on for awhile now, both for the better and for the worse. The only way to get away from the whole "bias" ordeal is to start by taking a look in the mirror and start from there. Another way to get away from the whole "bias" deal is to be more transparent about your choices, and reasonings for certain stuff, so people don't have to "question" and talk behind your back about every action you take.

And this pretty much sums up my experiences and "opinions" if I dare say so as of right now. And I'm also pretty sure what I've summarized in this post is somewhat talking for a few people in the player base that don't wanna voice their "opinion" Hence why I'm doing it in a sense.

TL:DR Keep rowing and the boat will go to shore at some point. ( Or sink trying )+1

By the way! If there is any grammar and misspellings it's because I'm Swedish trust :^)

Straight From The Hoover Dam.

Last edited by LejonSnax on Fri Dec 15, 2017 5:55 pm; edited 1 time in total (Reason for editing : Wanted to voice my opinion, but it turned into somewhat of a rant ( not quite intended but whatever ))
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A message to all players...
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