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 [Demon] Player Abuse Report (John Kimble{Johnny,Jack same guy})

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PostSubject: [Demon] Player Abuse Report (John Kimble{Johnny,Jack same guy})   Tue Oct 01, 2013 1:49 am


Your SteamID:2Lt.Malcom Mcmara" STEAM_0:1:15598460
Your RP Name:

Their SteamID:
Their RP Name: "John kimble"            STEAM_0:0:42192426
"aaronsurc"         STEAM_0:0:34865447 (same guy)

Date of incident:2013/10/01
Time of incident (HH:MM 24hr):15:18~15:22
Time Zone: korea

Please explain exactly what happened from start to finish:

i was making my base
when he joined the server
he asked me to pick him up
so i drived my car and pick him up and i said "to where"
he said i dont know i want to stay with you
but i said i cant not just "no" i said "i cant stay with you,im doing something"
thats the screen shot
and i returned to my base and started blocking the top
and i just fallen by mistake and i standed to window
and he was at the park and started shooting at me
so i picked up my combine sniper but it was too slow to attack him immediately
i just die at the window
he didnt said raid
he just shooting me
and he admit that it wasnt raid in his word
so i returned to my base and said what the fuck are you thinking
and i just killed me again without saying anything
so i just make decision he is rdmer
and i picked up my sniper from the car and killed him
but he already taken all of my stuffs
and he started laughed at me

i lose my scavenger knife,pulse sniper,pulse lmg,turret controller,vector

also he just left in battle

i dont care whatever i can get refund
all i want is his perm ban
and he is trying to fucking trick me with his name change

John Kimble has joined the server.
2Lt.Malcom_Mcmara: this is the water source
Jack [OOC]:  Hello everyone.
2Lt.Malcom_Mcmara: dont stay with jack
2Lt.Malcom_Mcmara: another name john kimble
2Lt.Malcom_Mcmara: he is rdmer
Jack [OOC]:  When did they add a thirst bar?
Anything related to player interaction is not OOC! OOC chat can only be out of character!
You are now at war with The Outcasts!
Jack [OOC]:  Anyone on?
2Lt.Malcom_Mcmara [OOC]:  no kimble
You're Vehicle has been sent to your garage.
Player Saved.
Jack [OOC]:  Who is kimble?
2Lt.Malcom_Mcmara [OOC]:  are you idiot?
2Lt.Malcom_Mcmara [OOC]:  type ping at console
Jack [OOC]:  No...
2Lt.Malcom_Mcmara [OOC]:  i see you steam name
2Lt.Malcom_Mcmara [OOC]:  your*
Jack [OOC]:  Me and my brother share accounts.
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Jack [OOC]:  Like you have never heard of fucking poor people
2Lt.Malcom_Mcmara [OOC]:  yes all of that was brothers work
2Lt.Malcom_Mcmara [OOC]:  hahaha
2Lt.Malcom_Mcmara [OOC]:  you dont have brother
Jack [OOC]:  Yes i do.. -_-
2Lt.Malcom_Mcmara [OOC]:  dont even think about trick me
Jack [OOC]:  Think what you want to think i don't care.

the proof about second id is kimble

aaronsurc has joined the server.
2Lt.Malcom_Mcmara [OOC]:  plz stop
Player Saved.
2Lt.Malcom_Mcmara [OOC]:  its not funny anymore
aaronsurc [OOC]:  Who else is on?
Dropping Portable Turret
Player Saved.
2Lt.Malcom_Mcmara [OOC]:  its not funny
aaronsurc [OOC]:  Who are you talking to?
2Lt.Malcom_Mcmara [OOC]:  why
Dropping Portable Turret
Player Saved.
aaronsurc [OOC]:  What?!
2Lt.Malcom_Mcmara [OOC]:  seriously
2Lt.Malcom_Mcmara [OOC]:  same ping,same chatting type
aaronsurc [OOC]:  What the @%*$ are you talking about?!
2Lt.Malcom_Mcmara [OOC]:  you are kimble
aaronsurc [OOC]:  Who the fuck is kimble? -_-
2Lt.Malcom_Mcmara [OOC]:  you
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aaronsurc [OOC]:  -_- Why do you think i am this "Kimble" Person?
Need an admin? put a '@' before your message instead of using OOC
2Lt.Malcom_Mcmara [OOC]:  you answered too slow,you have same ping, you said same word at the time
2Lt.Malcom_Mcmara [OOC]:  see? your answer is too slow
aaronsurc [OOC]:  So i have the same ping as some guy so what.
2Lt.Malcom_Mcmara [OOC]:  oh thank you
2Lt.Malcom_Mcmara [OOC]:  you just let me know your new id number
aaronsurc [OOC]:  This is why i stopped playing because people keep mistaking me for someone else... -_-
2Lt.Malcom_Mcmara [OOC]:  ?
Player Saved.
2Lt.Malcom_Mcmara [OOC]:  seriously
aaronsurc [OOC]:  First they think i am some woman, then an admin, and now a guy named.
aaronsurc [OOC]:  Kimble?
2Lt.Malcom_Mcmara [OOC]:  you are too week at psychological warfare
aaronsurc [OOC]:  -_- I'm not trying to do anything
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PostSubject: Re: [Demon] Player Abuse Report (John Kimble{Johnny,Jack same guy})   Fri Oct 04, 2013 10:05 pm


Since Bizz was afk I wasn't able to ask but after asking some others they don't believe you should openly shoot someone for not letting you "Stay with them."

[Closed/day ban]

If you wish to go FAST go alone. If you want to go FAR go together.
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[Demon] Player Abuse Report (John Kimble{Johnny,Jack same guy})
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