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 Requisite for a member of The Red Cross Association

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PostSubject: Requisite for a member of The Red Cross Association   Fri Oct 04, 2013 8:12 pm

1. Character must be a Scientist or a Cultivator

2. You must have read the Hippocratic Oath. (link below) You will also be asked to type in chat: "I solemnly vow to do no harm. I make this vow freely and upon my honor".

3. All scientific experiments and creations must have a purpose and contribute to medicine and aid for others with peaceful matters. (You cannot make grenades, 40m grenades, keypad crackers or incendiary nodes; Armor modules are an exception to this rule as they are used to protect, not cause harm)

4. The Red Cross Association is a strict non-raiding/non-violent community. However, members are allowed and encouraged to kill Zombies/Antlion/Guard/Tigers/Combine for researching purposes (exp). If a patient (player) becomes unruly, you are allowed to use force, just not deadly force.

5. A member is allowed to have weapons including firearms (only to be used against non-human hostiles) but it is preferred that the primary weapon is melee based (knife,machete, ect).

6. Above all, patients are to be treated with respect, compassion and understanding but keep in mind: We are there to save their ass, not kiss it.


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Requisite for a member of The Red Cross Association
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