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 [BlankJones] Player Abuse Report: Valid Target

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Jeff Belinger

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PostSubject: [BlankJones] Player Abuse Report: Valid Target   Thu Nov 14, 2013 11:38 pm

Server: PNRP

Your SteamID: 0:0:9204571
Your RP Name: Jeff Belinger

Their SteamID: unknown
Their RP Name: Valid Target (he was goign under another name but we all knew it was Valid)

Date of incident: 2013-11-14
Time of incident (HH:MM 24hr): 22:30 to 22:35 PM
Time Zone: EST

Please explain exactly what happened from start to finish: So I was having my Bistro out on Stalker Snow in the main village and I had a pretty neat and RP setup. Valid comes in, starts being a fool and FailRP and I told him to stop going ape shit unless he wanted me to act against him. He kept going on  beign a nuissance and me telling him to stop being ridiculous. he proceeded to disfigure my shop by placing skulls and bones in the hearthfire. I have Screen caps to prove this.

I had to kill him a few times because he was beign a general nuissance and because of failRP.
His blood on the wall of this picture

I told him to specifically not come to me or anything of mine unless he had intentions of RPing correctly and decently. I rarely have a beef with players but this time it's just enough. I would like something to be done.

I have Bestegold and Rittz who can attest to what I claim here.

Gyro count highscore: 5
You saw a chemical bin? WHERE!?!?!?!?!!!!

having good rp doesnt make one fit for staff duties, especially if said people are always playing with the same small group of people and no one else. staying in an echo chamber only makes your own words reflected back to you and whoever else is in the chamber. people applying for staff need to not only know the staff, but also how the playerbase can react to interactions between itself, the general staff base and the applicant
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PostSubject: Re: [BlankJones] Player Abuse Report: Valid Target   Fri Nov 15, 2013 9:18 am

I can vouch for Jeff in saying he was building in Jeff s base and when Jeff asked him kindly to remove them he was refusing to remove the skulls from his base, from my memory I believe Jeff asked him to remove them 3 times over the course of 1 hour and he still was refusing. But he did eventually remove the skulls as soon as Jeff mentioned Ban Report he quickly deleted the skulls.
He did break our RP once or twice just because he was running in and out being a tard

Weather forecast for tonight: dark.
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PostSubject: Re: [BlankJones] Player Abuse Report: Valid Target   Fri Nov 15, 2013 11:17 am

Yeah...... the blood is from when you shot me for "discriminating your god from Warhammer 40k". Also it's Validtarget, no space. Now it was exteremly boring on this Thursday night with 7 people on and Jeff decided to sell coffee at a ridiculous price. So me I come in and place some skulls in the fire place as a joke and then he yells at me then shoots me saying its offensive. Realizing he doesn't like this I come back to remove them and they yell at me about NLR so I was like fine I'll go find my heli I crashed earlier. So I come back spawn a bin in and start placing the skulls in there in an Rp manner. I accidently tip the bin over and 3 skulls pop out. Jeff again shoots me for "littering" and again I get yelled at about NLR when I try to come back. So eventually he starts yelling at me about how he's gonna make a Player Report and how he is gonna make sure I'm gonna get banned for this misdemeanor. Me not wanting to have to deal with this bullshit just delete the skulls, get yelled at by Bestegold, explain how I roleplay to Bestegold then leave the server not to long after. At the time they were not roleplaying and were just standing around. Jeff has been known to be real........ technical...... about Arpee. So next time, I'm just not gonna talk to him.

When I see this if I try to join the server, it comes as a relief to me. Relief of not being afraid of being framed for tons of shit I didn't do. Relief for not being afraid of messing up a rule. Relief for not having to deal with the admins of Frostburnt. And relief to go to a server where my shots kill stuff, people don't hate me for no reason, and where I can do whatever I want and be treated like a normal person, not a rat held under a microscope under so much pressure to not mess up.

User has been permanatly banned from these forums for the reason "Doesn't want to be here" by Bizzclaw - Honestly I should of banned you a long time ago. And you say you're tired of being treated like "A rat under a microscope"? Sorry, but you've duped, exploited and RDM'd. What did you expect?
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Alaska XCIII

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PostSubject: Re: [BlankJones] Player Abuse Report: Valid Target   Fri Nov 15, 2013 11:50 am

Well you did break a cardinal rule. You don't build in someone else's base unless they give you permission, period. Disrespecting their RP is one thing, but I don't buy the whole "I went back to his base to remove them" because you can remove them from the Q menu, or from the undo button.


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PostSubject: Re: [BlankJones] Player Abuse Report: Valid Target   Fri Nov 15, 2013 2:26 pm

Yeah, how do you not know how to even use the basic controls of your menu? How do so many people not know about your bloody clearing options? Or even half the shit you do? I mean I didn't know how to change my character model when I first began to play garry's mod a couple years ago when I finally was able to get it. But I've had people ask me legitimately how to spawn props into the level and it's like, (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
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PostSubject: Re: [BlankJones] Player Abuse Report: Valid Target   Fri Nov 15, 2013 2:37 pm


I'll take this, first off Riktov you did break (as alaska stated) a cardinal rule, so as far as the validity of this report goes .. it's valid. Though i've known Jeff for being less than a "reasonable" fellow, you have been warned already for a different offense. The fullest extent of your "punishment" would exceed no more than a 4 hour ban. So i'm going to do ... just that .. AHHAHEHEHAE.

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[BlankJones] Player Abuse Report: Valid Target
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