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 [Bizzclaw] Removal of ban Bob Ross

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PostSubject: [Bizzclaw] Removal of ban Bob Ross   Sun Nov 17, 2013 1:42 pm

Server: Postnuke

Your SteamID: STEAM_0:1:16284987
Your RP Name: Bob Ross

Date of incident: November 17, 2013
Time of incident 2:20
Time Zone: East Coast

Please explain exactly what happened from start to finish: Ok so, I was on the server yesterday with a crowbar and everyone was having a fun time enjoying what i was doing using the crowbar and pac, but then i was rdmed by some unknown fellow and i lost it an got off and went to bed. I came back on today and asked Alaska if i could get another crowbar since i lost mine from being rdmed last night, but of course he responded with a tryhard excuse of "replace crowbar with machete"; which is impossible for me to do as my pacs have proxies and animations that only fit with the crowbar. So I asked again and provided a reason as to why that wouldnt work and he just started complaining and kept saying no. Then a few minutes later i was trading a pac over to Rice and as i was doing so i set my pac to my Sawrunner on accident when i was trying to click on my Simon, but before i could explain i was prosecuted as breaking the rules and he gave no good reason when i asked why i needed to take it off. No one in the server except Alaska really had a problem with my pac and last night everyone loved seeing it. I wouldnt think of it as breaking the rp flow but maybe making it better? A good scare once in awhile is fun and people are usually laughing afterwards instead of being bored out of their minds shooting ghouls or something. It adds a fear factor i think the server needs that i can provide. But yet again, "I dont make the rules and the admins are always right". So we got in an argument after i put on another pac that only consisted of litteraly 1 model and a material, which was apparently not fitting in so me and Alaska got into an argument. It escalated after he said "Alaska XCIII [OOC]:Attention has nothing to do with it, you're not using PAC properly. Chillt the fuck out and quit bitching like a little kid" Which isn't very nice for an admin to be replieing to me with, so I responded; "Bob Ross [OOC]: ha, bitching like a kid? pass judgement on yourself rather than one another when you are the main victim of your insults". Then he quieted and said "You dont need to be here", then Perma-banned me.

If you have any evidence to support this report, please give it here: (No video or screenshot proof, i wasn't expecting to be permabanned for standing up for what i think is right.)

Disconnect: Kicked by Alaska(STEAM_0:0:41134101) (Banned permanently: ).
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Wandering Wilson

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PostSubject: Re: [Bizzclaw] Removal of ban Bob Ross   Sun Nov 17, 2013 2:11 pm

I was actually here for this and this is exactly what happened, while I admit both parties were in the wrong, you really shouldn't ban people who aren't doing anything too rash or utterly DESTROYING rules with a permanent ban. These types of bans should be reserved for mass RDMers, people slinging the N word around like Opera (YOU GET AN N WORD, YOU GET AN N WORD, EVERYONE GETS AN N WORD) to actually degrade people instead of using it for a joke. This has been happening with a lot of regulars lately, we get told "We aren't needed here." by some admins (Will not name names to protect identites) and then promptly are either removed from the server or get your ear ripped off with threats of permaban. Bob did pretty much nothing but retort and have a bad PAC, which while I admit was a bit BAD? I've seen much worse on the PACs and can actually SEE a mutant being like that. Perhaps three human faces were fused together and this man slowly went insane, thus resulting in the chain-saw massacre known as the sawrunner? We have NO idea on this characters backstory and most likely never will. Meanwhile others get away with their PACs simply because of stupid reasons. This character could've had a great backstory and he might've actually RPed. Instead he sits here today for trying to give players a scare to actually make it more "Spooky" for everyone else. Halloween may be over, but it should ALWAYS be creepy being in a wasteland.

TL;DR Unban Ross, all he did was retort and wear a scary PAC that an admin decreed unfair, seen many PACs before that were fine, All he did was give us a scare

P.S This is my opinion and I hope I will not be punished for speaking my mind.
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Bestegold K Redgold

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PostSubject: Re: [Bizzclaw] Removal of ban Bob Ross   Sun Nov 17, 2013 2:50 pm

His intent is to better the server and experience for players. So had everyone else who has come up with ideas or did something to try and better the server. Yet even with this intent, players are still banned and told "We don't need you here.". These are the people who want to help not harm. Yet even with this they are told they are worthless here. These are the people who can revive and even make the server flourish but they are looked down upon for it.
Are we not what the server needs the most? Players who are loyal? Players who could have some idea of what the server needs?
Are we not what supports the most and gives the most?
Are we not what you want in players?
Why throw what you want away for no reason?
We do need you here.
We do need this.
What we don't need it being told other wise.

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PostSubject: Re: [Bizzclaw] Removal of ban Bob Ross   Sun Nov 17, 2013 3:26 pm

You are not entitled to a crowbar and you are not allowed to channlenge an administrative staff when you are commanded to adhere your PAC to the rules. We have rules such as these for a reason because while you and a few selct people will have fun with a PAC like that, it ruins everyone elses fun who is trying to have fun by role playing. This is unacceptable and your brat-like behavior can also not be excused. The week ban will stand.
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PostSubject: Re: [Bizzclaw] Removal of ban Bob Ross   

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[Bizzclaw] Removal of ban Bob Ross
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