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 [BlankJones] Please Read This I am Upset. THANK YOU! (Chris Strongdale)

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Chris Strongdale

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PostSubject: [BlankJones] Please Read This I am Upset. THANK YOU! (Chris Strongdale)   Wed Nov 27, 2013 7:19 pm

Hello Once Again Admins And Owners,

This really isn't a good experience for me on this server at all. I joined Frost Burnt about 2 weeks ago and things were going well. My friend Dolan and I made a group called the "Survivalists". Then this one day Dolan ran over a guy because he was robbing are ally. The man getting robbed was "Frank Young." Then a guy named rittz crushed him with a helicopter. To make a long story short Dolan got ban for a day. It all went down hill from there. So anyway, today I was playing Mojave and I had no trouble at all. I was scavenging and got a lot of resources and I wanted to store them so I left my current group and made my own. Then this player Sensei Kutsijn or some name like that owed me a miner because he had robbed "The Survivalists" and took all there stuff and I was a co-leader. So I wanted that back, but Sensei kept stalling and stalling. So I started to ask over OOC which I have to admit was very stupid and retarted of me. And sensei was responding to me. He kept saying "Okay". So I finally found him at spawn and he said again "Okay, but I don't have the stuff go on radio and I will tell you when". So I did so, and he never said anything. So then I met Rice on a hill and I told him to tell Sensei that you are getting the stuff for me and then when he gives him the stuff I wanted Rice to kill Sensei. So of course this was PNRP so I gave him 10-10-10 to do this. So instead I guess Sensei wanted to be brought to me. So Rice drove him over and Dolan and I were standing around Sensei and Sensei then ran away. I asked him why he ran away and he said that he thought we were going to rob him....So then Rice shot him because he started running again and he stopped and called an admin which was Murphy that I had META GAMED A HIT......And I was like I didn't meta game a hit. So then Murphy came and teleported me to him and I told him about Rice and the hit and I told him that I did META, but it was before the hit. I told him I was sorry, and then told him how Sensei owed me things. Then he said that he would try and get the stuff from Sensei. So then that was all done and I went to Sensei once again and asked him for my stuff. And he said once again "Okay". And he drove to a camp and I followed him because I figured if he stalled 3 times already then I better go make sure he doesn't stall a 5th. So I went to this square fence sort of place with a  bunch of houses inside. And he saw me and told me to go away. So I did and then he took my airboat and drove to the Gas Station. So I went to the Gas Station and I immediately got surrounded by Joshua Adams and Sensei and this one other kid named Scrapper. And then Sensei said "You". "wanna apologize for being a douchebag well I was trying to get your stuff". Then Joshua drawed an M16 and he said "yea, wanna apologize"? (except it was on mic). Then Scrapper did the same. And I figured, well Sensei insulted me and Joshua is threatning me and Scrapper is also threatning me. So they all are doing killable things. And then this drew the line. Joshua shot me in my foot. And said to sensei "Just Give Me Some Food Now And I Can Kill Him." So after he said that I took out a Sega and blew him away. Then Scrapper and Sensei were trying to take Joshes stuff so I killed them too. And they all shouted rdm. And I went to spawn to confront Rebecca. And josh tried to kill me again but I got him down to low health so he ran away. And then Rebecca teleported me so I could talk to her without dying. And I told her everything and she went to go talk to Sensei. And then she sent me a message saying "I am banning you for a few days due to NLR,RDM and META. And I said in OOC "How did I nlr"? And sensei responded "when you went back to spawn." And I was typing back and then I got ban. After that I was EXTREMELY ANGRY because I 2 out of 3 of the reasons were not valid. Because for the NLR I only went back to spawn to talk to Rebecca. And when I killed them all it wasn't rdm from my point of view because they all were threatning me and I got insulted and shot in the foot. So I mean I really think this is totally unfair. I was having a good time until Sensei had to throw a wrench in all of it. And I then tried friending Rebecca to talk to her but she didn't accept. So I came on here, because I was told by 2 friends and I was pretty mad about the whole thing.

So please read this I am terribly sorry for the long paragraph.
Thank you admins and Owners.
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PostSubject: Re: [BlankJones] Please Read This I am Upset. THANK YOU! (Chris Strongdale)   Wed Nov 27, 2013 7:28 pm


Add me on steam chris, there's a few things that you did wrong. But i'll be talking with rebecca and murphy to get their side of the story.

Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/id/blankjones/
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Tactical Bacon

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PostSubject: Re: [BlankJones] Please Read This I am Upset. THANK YOU! (Chris Strongdale)   Wed Nov 27, 2013 8:01 pm

I talked to Rice, and he said that Chris/David didn't 'meta-game' a hit, however that works.
I don't know if you can kill someone for being 'mean', because since Sensei failed to give you your stuff, you put a hit on him, Sensei died, but told Joshua Adams about the 'mean' thing, thus violating NLR - Unless he had told him before the hit.

I talked to Rice about the 'RDM' thing, he said that a lot of people died, and Chris had killed a noob for taking all his stuff, although that was two days ago, he says, and some people died in the crossfire. From what I can gather right now is the killing of Scrapper Bot, Sensei and Joshua Adams is that was legal, albeit Joshua Adams had provoked him, shooting him in the foot and asking for a hit in front of Chris's face. After killing him, since Sensei and Scrapper tried to pick up the stuff, you can shoot someone for that. I don't exactly know if you have to give a warning, Rittz killed a couple of Monroe guys over a bottle with no warning with no punishment.

But I'm not even sure if moderators are supposed to help for ban appeals so...

Res ad triarios venit

Never pet a burning dog.

Feels fuckin' good to kill I guess.
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PostSubject: Re: [BlankJones] Please Read This I am Upset. THANK YOU! (Chris Strongdale)   Wed Nov 27, 2013 8:57 pm


We've gone through it in game, both parties are satisfied and Chris is reconciled.

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[BlankJones] Please Read This I am Upset. THANK YOU! (Chris Strongdale)
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