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 [BlankJones] player abuse report(kimo josh)

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PostSubject: [BlankJones] player abuse report(kimo josh)   Sat Nov 30, 2013 2:52 am


Your SteamID:STEAM_0:1:15598460
Your RP Name: Malcom_Mcmara

Their SteamID: "Kimo Josh"         STEAM_0:1:37085092
Their RP Name:

Date of incident:2013/11/30
Time of incident (HH:MM 24hr):17:40~48
Time Zone: korea

Please explain exactly what happened from start to finish:

i was walking around the map, and i saw josh watching me for few min
and suddenly he sniped me but i didnt die
so Kurushī Satsujin helped me against josh and scapper helped me too
Kurushī Satsujin  dies and i killed josh
and this is all the chat

Malcom_mcmara [OOC]: what a rdm
Kimo Josh [OOC]: hit failed
Malcom_mcmara [OOC]: what hit
Malcom_mcmara [OOC]: there was no hit
Kurushī Satsujin [OOC]: Sorry Kimo I helped cuz he is friend
Malcom_mcmara [OOC]: what hit
Kurushī Satsujin [OOC]: By who
Malcom_mcmara [OOC]: you joined at the time
Kimo Josh [OOC]: Obama
Kurushī Satsujin [OOC]: AHHHH SO YOU TRIED TO RDM!
Malcom_mcmara [OOC]: ok
Malcom_mcmara [OOC]: im gonna report you
Kurushī Satsujin [OOC]: yeah you dont get your sniper back eitehr
Scapper [OOC]: It was a hit -_-
Anything related to player interaction is not OOC! OOC chat can only be out of character!
Malcom_mcmara [OOC]: hit from who
Scapper [OOC]: He doesn't have to tell
Malcom_mcmara [OOC]: yes he is
Kurushī Satsujin [OOC]: You gave ahit on him a
Kurushī Satsujin [OOC]:scap
Scapper [OOC]: Nope, That's meta gaming
Malcom_mcmara [OOC]: if he cant proof that was vaild hit
Malcom_mcmara [OOC]: he will be banned
Kurushī Satsujin [OOC]: Its not meta
Kimo Josh [OOC]: cant proof it wasnt
Malcom_mcmara [OOC]: and he said it was obama
Scapper [OOC]: He doesn't have to say who.
Scapper [OOC]: Know the rules
Malcom_mcmara [OOC]: dont shield him
Malcom_mcmara [OOC]: know the rule
Scapper [OOC]: I am because it's true
Malcom_mcmara [OOC]: he lied
Player Saved.
Scapper [OOC]: Nope.
Malcom_mcmara [OOC]: he will be puniched
Malcom_mcmara [OOC]: shed*
Scapper [OOC]: Fuck it, I put the hit on you.
Malcom_mcmara [OOC]: you lie
Scapper [OOC]: Lolololol
Scapper [OOC]: WHo else would?
Malcom_mcmara [OOC]: proof it
Scapper [OOC]: Like really?
Scapper [OOC]: Are you that dumb?
Malcom_mcmara [OOC]: you helped to kill him
Malcom_mcmara [OOC]: if you realy put a hit on me
Scapper [OOC]: Nope.
Malcom_mcmara [OOC]: you shouldnt helped me
Kimo Josh [OOC]: Osama
Kurushī Satsujin [OOC]: I helped you Scapper didnt
Kurushī Satsujin [OOC]: Why i got his pulse rifle
Scapper [OOC]: I didn't I just Pretended you dumb fuck
Kurushī Satsujin [OOC]: Watch the language
Malcom_mcmara [OOC]: joke is over
Scapper [OOC]: Mhmm it's a joke
Kimo Josh [OOC]: "Watch" haha you stare down that language Scapper


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PostSubject: Re: [BlankJones] player abuse report(kimo josh)   Sat Nov 30, 2013 9:13 pm


Add me on steam. I'll have to resolve it tomorrow in game with all those involved.



Insufficient evidence.
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[BlankJones] player abuse report(kimo josh)
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