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 I heard y'all have trouble with errors

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PostSubject: I heard y'all have trouble with errors   Thu Jan 23, 2014 9:26 am

If as stated above you do have problems with errors either fast dl is fucked again or you dont have css/hl ep1/2 to fix this simply go to http://cscheater.era.ee/ get the stuff from garry content and extract it into your gmod addons, msg me on steam if you need more help with this or look it up

When I see this if I try to join the server, it comes as a relief to me. Relief of not being afraid of being framed for tons of shit I didn't do. Relief for not being afraid of messing up a rule. Relief for not having to deal with the admins of Frostburnt. And relief to go to a server where my shots kill stuff, people don't hate me for no reason, and where I can do whatever I want and be treated like a normal person, not a rat held under a microscope under so much pressure to not mess up.

User has been permanatly banned from these forums for the reason "Doesn't want to be here" by Bizzclaw - Honestly I should of banned you a long time ago. And you say you're tired of being treated like "A rat under a microscope"? Sorry, but you've duped, exploited and RDM'd. What did you expect?
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I heard y'all have trouble with errors
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